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Among the jobs you can consider are: advertising executive, analyst, archivist, broadcaster, campaign worker, consultant, congressional aide, editor, foreign service officer, foundation staffer, information specialist, intelligence agent, journalist, legal assistant, lobbyist, personnel manager, public relations staffer, researcher, teacher, museum curator . . . the list can be almost endless.

More specifically, though, with your degree in history you can be an educator, researcher, communicator or editor, information manager, advocate, or even a businessperson.

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Q: What jobs can you get with a degree in history?
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What jobs are good for someone with a History degree?

Jobs that are good for people with history degrees are becoming a history teacher, a history professor, working in a museum, and working for the history channel.

What kinds of jobs can I get with an art history graduate degree?

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What are jobs for a graduate with a history degree?

There are many careers that a history degree would benefit from. HEre is a link that will help you to better understand what you can do with your History Degree

What kind of jobs can you get with an administration degree with a history minor?

There are several jobs you can get with an administration degree. Having just a degree in administration can open up a whole world of opportunity. If a person also possesses a minor in history, they may seek out a job in a museum or working as a historian.

What jobs can you get with art history degree?

You can become an Art historian, Philanthropist, a Curator, work in art conservation or finish an education degree to teach art history at University

What jobs can you get with as A.A.S degree?

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What kind of jobs can you get with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education Kinesiology?

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What can you do with a history degree?

In today's world a four year college degree in history opens the door to several career choices. Generally speaking, in the US, for example, a history degree can be the basis for graduate work in history and using the history degree as way to obtain a job in teaching history. It is the lift off point for becoming a teaching career in US universities, college and high school. Many history degree students however, qualify for entry level jobs in the private and public sector. The degree in history or other major, is often enough to get an interview for a job that requires a college degree. In these circumstances, training is often provided by the employer.

What jobs can you get with a bachelors in history?

I obtained a bachelor's degree in history in 1985. Subsequently, I went to law school and have been practicing law for over 20 years.

What careers with a psychology degree are available?

Depending on what degree you have in psychology would depend on what jobs are available to you. If you have a general degree you could apply for most jobs unlike if you had a specialty degree.

When was The Worst Jobs in History created?

The Worst Jobs in History was created in 2006.

Is the degree of ba from Mumbai Hindi Vidyapeeth is valid for govt jobs?

Yes, The degree of ba from Mumbai Hindi Vidyapeeth is valid for govt jobs? and you can try many jobs with this degree From here, please find the jobs according to your degree :

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What criminal justice jobs can a felon get with an associate's degree?

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What types of jobs require a social work degree?

Many jobs require a masters degree, however some jobs that can be obtained with a social work degree are jobs working with mental health patients, families, also you can be a teacher. It all depends on what kind of degree one has in social work.

What jobs can you get with a masters degree in computer science?

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What jobs require computing skill?

ALL jobs to a degree!

What non teaching jobs can you get with a masters degree in physical education?

There are a number of non-teaching jobs that you can get with a masters degree in physical education. Some jobs include fitness training jobs, athletic administration jobs and exercise physiology jobs.

What jobs can you get with a degree in Biology?

Jobs you can get with a simple bachelors degree in Biology are limited, unless you are willing to get a master's degree, do an internship, or have a connection. As backup you can alway be a teacher.

What kinds of jobs have a criminal justice degree?

What are the requirements for jobs with a criminal justice degree? Is this available in the Philippines or only available in the United States of America only? How much will cost for this jobs with a criminal justice degree?

Does a MBA degree help you get high salary jobs?

A MBA degree does not help you get high salary jobs. That is because an MBA degree is not as high as a doctors degree. A doctor on the other hand could get high salary jobs because of med school and college.

What kind of jobs you can get with a bachelor's degree in healthcare administration?

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