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What jobs can you get with a master's degree in education?

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2014-05-15 10:55:46

Other than teaching you could consider curriculum development,

or professional training.

There are really 3 main schools of thought with regard to

advanced degrees in education.

1) Many get their masters degree in the subject they teach to

prove mastery in that discipline e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Physics

or Math.

2)Some get an advanced degree in counseling so they can pursue a

career in guidance. Some of these people also pursue a license as a

professional community counselor or LPC, LCDC or Group


3)Others want to excel in leadership in order to become academic

deans, vice principals and eventually principals.

However there are getting to be many more doctors working in

education. I work with several of them. In this cutthroat economy

there has been much talk about "degree inflation" meaning that jobs

that normally require a BA would fill those positions with a

masters degree. Moreover, jobs that would normally require a MS

would hire someone with a PhD. Jobs that require a PhD would only

hire individuals with a number of published works with peer

reviewed journals. So the bottom line is the more education you

have the better when you are in education.

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