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With your Associates Degree in Nursing, you can work as a Registered Nurse in

a hospital, in a doctors office, nursing home, be a school nurse, etc. Most go

work in hospitals first, because they get valuable experience there. Nurses

are in high demand, so you shouldn't have a problem finding a job after

graduating. Good luck. =)

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Q: What jobs can you get with an associates degree in nursing?
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Associate of arts in nursing?

Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).

What types of teaching jobs can you get with an associates of nursing degree?

Typically, the minimum educational requirement for teaching within this field is a master's degree in nursing.

What is Nursing ADN?

It is the abbreviation for "associates degree in nursing."

What is the lowest degree in rn nursing?

Associates Degree

What kind of degree do you have to have for nursing?

The minimum degree needed to be a registered nurse is an associates degree in nursing. But recently employers are requiring their employees to have a bachelors degree in nursing.

What is the difference between an associates in science degree and an associates in applied science degree in nursing?

An Associates in Science degree is a more general education degree, including more humanities and general sciences. An Associate in Applied Science, nursing or otherwise, is a more targeted degree for that profession. A "regular" associates degree is more transferrable to a Bachelor's degree and more all-purpose (can be applied to several jobs but in a general way), whereas an "applied" degree is more likely to get you a specific job (but no other job).

What type of jobs would an associates of science degree be useful in?

An associates of science is a general degree category from which many specific programs of study (majors) fall. Thus, the types of jobs available would depend on the specific major. For example, an associates of science in nursing, or engineering, or biology, etc..

What type of associates in a nursing degree?

For registered nurses at this level it is typically an associate of science degree in nursing.

What is the abbreviation for an associates degree in the nursing field?


Whats the difference between an associates and a bachlors in nursing?

An associate's degree is a 2-year program; a bachelor's degree is a 4-year program. The associates degree in nursing would correspond to the first two years of the bachelor's degree in nursing (generally). A person with a bachelor's in nursing is a bit more hirable than a person with an associate's in nursing.

What can you do with an associate's degree in nursing?

There are a lot of things that you're able to do with an associates of nursing. You however cannot become a Registered Nurse though without having the BSN as a minimum, but some examples of jobs that you can do with an Associates are: * LPN * CNA * and possibly a PN

Can you go from an associates degree in nursing to nurse practitioner?

Not without a bachelor's degree. The minimum educational requirement for a nurse practitioner is a master's degree in nursing.

What does adn stand for?

ADN stands for Associates Degree Nursing.

i have a associetes degree can i do a nclex exame?

Yes, you can take a nclex exam with an associates degree, if it is in nursing. Because it is the licensing test for nursing.

What jobs in the medical field require only an associates degree?

Some community colleges offer nursing and xray technologist programs that are only AS degrees.

Is the associate in applied science nursing degree the same as a registered nursing degree?

Yes, many community colleges offer an associates degree for a registered nurse.

What degree is nursing fall into?

To work in nursing all you really need is your Associates Degree in Nursing, but workplaces are now seeking people with their bachelors degree instead. It is also possible to get your masters and doctorates.

What is an associates degree and what jobs can I get with one?

An associates degree is a degree for undergraduate academics given out after completing a 2 year course of study. Just a few of the jobs that you can get in the state of Florida with an associates degree are a registered nurse, paralegal, programmer, dental hygienist, and a respiratory therapist.

What does a diploma in nursing mean?

A diploma nurse has a two year degree or associates of science in nursing (ASN)

What jobs can you get with an associate of arts degree in sciences?

What job can I get with an associates degree in arts?

Should you get your associates in nursing before the bachelor's degree?

Well if you know that you want to go ahead and get your bachelors in nursing there is no need to obtain your associates because you will still go through the same program and classes. It would just basically be an extension of classes from your associates. So If you want a bachelors in nursing, enroll in the bachelors nursing program, not the associates.

How long after an associate's degree does it take to earn a bachelor's degree?

Well an associates degree is a two year degree while a bachelors is four. Not all major will transfer from an associates to a bachelors. For example you can get an associates in nursing and go on later to get your bachelors and it only be about two more years. But if you have an associates in nursing and you want a bachelors in business. You will pretty much have to start over and most likely only your prerequisites will count toward your new degree.

Initials for associate's degree in business and nursing?

It depends on the specific program of study. If you were in a transfer business program at a community college, it is typically an associates of arts degree. Therefore, it would be an A.A.. The nursing program at the two year level is an associates in science degree, therefore an A.S..

Do you have to have a associate's degree in nursing in order to get a bachelor?

No, you do not have to start with an associates degree. You can choose to go directly for the bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN). The choice is yours. Many start out with the associates because it is typically less expensive, and shorter in time to complete. However, it depends on your personal circumstances.

What types of jobs can one get with an associates degree?

It really depends on the subject area of the associates degree and whether or not vacancies are available. In terms of educational qualification, an associates degree comes in between a GED and a bachelor's degree. Therefore, an associates degree holder would be picked before a GED only holder.