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making my Pizza!! I've been waiting for a STINKING LONG TIME!!!!

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Q: What jobs did Italians have when they first came?
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What jobs did Italians have when they first came into the US?

secretary danny blanco wrote this paper

When did Italians first come to Australia?

In or about the year of 1870 was when Italians first came to Australia. Many young Italians who planned to immigrate to the US, ended up choose Australia instead.

How were Italians treated when they came to America?

Italians were discriminated against because they were stealing American jobs. Sometimes people would throw sticks or stones at the people as they arrived in America.

What led Italians to the US?

Jobs and space

When did the Italians come to work on the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme?

Italians were some of the many cultural groups who came to work on the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme. The bulk of the Italians came during the 1950s.

What type of jobs do italians have?

There so many different types of jobs that Italians have. Some of them include accounting, performing arts, medicine architecture, engineering and so many more.

How Italians came to Australia?

By A Boat In The 1950's

How did Italians come to the US?

The Italians came to America by boat because Italy is over the ocean where the U.S is

Why did the Italians leave their homeland?

There are quite a few reasons why Italians may have left their homeland. One reasons is that they needed jobs.

When was iPhone desinded?

When the first iPhone Came out. Steve Jobs designed them.

Why did most Italians immigrate to the US?

to get better jobs and get away from poverty.

How did Italians invent pasta?

Italians never invented pasta. When Marco Polo came back from Asia he brought Chinese noodles with and taught the Italians how to make them

Where did Italians live when they came to America?

Most Italians moved to Long Island in New York or to Chicago, Illinois.

What is the name of the ship that Italians came to America on?

s.s harbor

Why did Muslims first come to the UK?

Muslims first came to Britain do get more work and Jobs

Why did Italians come to America?

Italians like all other European immigrants came to America looking for a better opportunity in life. Specifically, they came for better economic opportunities.

Which Europeans were the first to establish ports along the West African coast?

The Portuguese, but following them came the french, the Italians and other Europeans.

Reason why Italians came to America?

the reason why they came toAmerica is for better life ,job ,and for freedom

Why did Italians move to America?

religious freedom and jobs. they also had little education

Why did the Italians come to Texas?

Italians came to Texas because of low wages and high taxes. Not to mention the war going on in Europe.

Who were the first people on Italy?


Where did the first Italians live?


Who where the first people on Italy?


Concentration camps first came into widespread use during the?

During the efforts of the Italians to put down Arab revolts in Lybia in 1922.

Why did Italians leave homeland?

For food nd more jobs or to start a better life