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i do not know the answer about zachary taylor.


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Zachary Taylor spent most of his adult life as an officer iin the US army. When he was not in the army or the president, he ran his plantation near Louisville, Kentucky.

Taylor was a career army officer, rising to the level of general. When he retired he became a planter in Kentucky and Louisiana. He did not hold any public offices besides President.Zachary Taylor's middle name is Gen

Taylor was an army career officer, rising from first lieutenant to major general. He ran a plantation in Louisiana after he left the army.

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Well Ronald Reagan was an actor before a president. But that is only one of the jobs he had before being a president.

President Dwight Eisenhower served in the military before becoming President. He also worked various odd jobs and was the president of Columbia University.

He was a senator and vice president before being elected president.

Andrew Jackson was a lawyer before he became president.

He was a journalist and worked in the Navy before his term in Presidency.

Well James Madison, before he became a president was a planter or say a farmer

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a salesman, lawyer, and us govener

Lincoln was a lawyer prior to his presidency.

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