What jobs did kids do in 1800?

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What jobs did women do in the 1800's?

they was a wife to the husband and looked after the kids

Do kids in Tanzania have jobs?

do kids have jobs in Tanzania

What jobs did French immigrants have in the 1800's?

they had farming jobs or jobs that could get them further in with what they liked.

What jobs were there in 1800 in factories?

1800 saw the very beginning of work in factories. Some of the jobs available then were in the steel and construction industries as the industrial revolution took shape.

What clothes did kids wear in the 1800s?

what clothes does the kids wear in the 1800's

What were the jobs back in 1789-1800?

There were many jobs available to men between the years 1789-1800. Positions as blacksmiths, bakers, farmers, prison guards, deckhands, plumbers, or as charcoal makers were available to men. Women who worked at that time generally took jobs as teachers or nurses.

What jobs did Scottish immigrants have in the late 1800's?

They had many jobs but one of the jobs that most Scottish had were the act of farming.

What is kids help phone's number?

I've used it once but the australian number is 1800-55-1800. :)

Should Kids Have Paying Jobs?

Yes. They should have jobs!

What jobs were there for poor people in the 1800s?

In the 1800's there were several jobs for the poor. Some of these jobs were doing laundry, sweeping taverns, and messenger work. The poor were often housekeepers for others of wealth in the 1800's. School teachers were in short supply, too.

Is there any jobs for a 14 year old in MilwaukeeWi?

You should go to the library and look at the book Jobs for Kids or 100 Jobs for Kids & Young Adults for some ideas.

What kind of jobs do kids in their school?

is that was ment to say "what jobs do kids do in school"Kids can do anything like reciveing the register to delivering notes to other teachers...you name it basically we have to do it!

how can i post my resume for jobs in ICICI bank?

You will have to call them 1800-22-4848

Are there any acting jobs for kids?

There are acting jobs for children. It is best to have an agent.

What is the kids helpline number?

The phone number for Kids Helpline (in Australia) is 1800 55 1800. The web address is www.kidshelp.com.au - children and young people can access web and email counselling from that address.

What jobs were in Philadelphia in the late 1800S?

There were numerous jobs in Philadelphia in the late 1800's. Some of the jobs were with the railroad, store clerks, farmers, steel workers, and teachers.

What jobs in Walton Indiana hire 14 year olds?

You should go to the library and look at the book Jobs for Kids or 100 Jobs for Kids & Young Adults for some ideas.

What were high paying jobs in the 1800's?

lawyers and business men...............(ONLY MEN HAD HIGH GOOD PAYING JOBS!)

Are there any jobs for kids 11 years old?

yes acually there is there are plenty of jobs for kids babysitting or even asking your neighboor if you can do their lawn

Who are Steve Jobs kids and what are there ages?

Steve Jobs kids agesLisa 33Reed 20Erin 16Eve 13

How many of dead slaves were kids?

in the ancient china there was about 2 million kids dead between 1800 - 2000.

What jobs are available for 15 year olds in Wilmington North Carolina?

You should go to the library and look at the book Jobs for Kids or 100 Jobs for Kids & Young Adults for some ideas.

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