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women started to do those kinds off words that only men were supposed to do earlier. They started to work in factories, offices, ran small businesses etc.

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Why did women work during world war 1?

Because most of the men were at the front. The jobs they left were filled by women.

What were the post World War 1 attitudes to women in England?

Most people believed that women were not good enough to do the jobs that were meant for men such as builders etc. These jobs were filled by women during WW1 and this was a huge step forward in the rights for women.

Were women in the army during world war 2?

300,000 women served in World War 2 in both the military, the Red Cross, the USO, and in civilian jobs. Most of them were in the military.

What were women and children's role during the industrial revolution?

Women had the most tedious jobs, children had the most dangerous jobs, and both were paid less than men.

What were the roles of women in the 1950's like?

Most of them were housewives. But during World War ll, they took their husband's factory jobs.

Where most women working after world war 1?

Since the men came home the Women were expected to give up their jobs. There were not enough jobs for all women and men so the men got the jobs and women didn't get any jobs.

What jobs did women in Athens do?

Most likely women did not have jobs in Athens. Only in Sparta were women allowed to have jobs, most of were owning shops.

What jobs did women in the military have in World War 2?

A lot of women took jobs in factories, making planes and other war materials. Most of the jobs that were occupied by men before the war were filled by women. This was the beginning of the "revolution" of women into the workforce.

What did the ladies do in their spare time in the world war 2?

Most the women during WWII took their husbands jobs because they still had to feed their family even though their husbands were away at war. Most women had no spare time.

What happen to women when men returned from World War 2?

Most women lost their jobs when the men came back from war. Men then went into the jobs women were doing. Women went back to being house wives; some women did not like this. If women were single and the worked in the civil services they were allowed to keep their jobs until they got married. Not all women lost their jobs but sadly most did.

Why did women do men's jobs during world war i and world war ii?

The main reason why women did men's job during the world wars was because all the men (or most of them) were out fighting and their families needed the money to keep the families going. Also the money they earned they spent it on equipment for the war.

What role did American women play in the war effort during World War I?

During World War 1, women first moved into the civilian jobs abandoned by men, such as shop clerks and factory workers. Women did most of the jobs in the Post Office in Washington D.C. The war effort itself involved women mainly as nurses and other medical workers. After the war women were not about to return to the farms. Without their labor available, Mr. Henry Ford made a fortune selling his tractors mechanizing farms. The women who had been liberated by their jobs during the war became the flappers of the roaring twenties.

Why were women important during world war 2?

While most men were employed in the armed forces, women took over many jobs in the production of war material and kept the economy going in general.

Were women paid the same for their factory jobs as the men during World War 2?

women were paid less because most of the factories were sexist and believed that women could not do as good a job as men, the women received on average £3.50 where as the men received £7.00.

What happened to most working women after World War 1?

They were expected to give up their jobs.

What did women in the US do during world war 2?

Most of the women who where serving in WW2 where Nurses

Did most women work during world war 2?

No only 35% of available women

What jobs did people have during World War 2?

most of the people in the ww2 time worked as making weapons or guns/ women were working as nurses or they would work in factories.

What jobs were there in World War I?

Most of the men were employed as soldiers or in other capacities in the military forces during the war. Women on the other hand were called upon to take up the jobs vacated by the men in the industries to continue production.

What were the effects of World War 2 on women and employment?

During the war, most men whom were able, had to fight. Many of the jobs in manufacturing were done by women. It was found that in most cases, the women could perform as well, or better than their male counter parts. Thus, it opened a door.

What happen to most working women after world war 1?

Most working women lost their jobs so that the returning soldiers could go back to work.

Are there jobs for women only?

There are not any jobs for women only. Most jobs are open to men and women, though some employers may choose to only hire men or women.

What jobs did women find during world war 2 that were a break from traditional female roles?

With most of the men away at war, many traditional men's jobs had to be done by women. Women worked in factories, drove ambulances, trains and buses, flew new aeroplanes from the factory to where they were needed at one of the many fighter airfields.

What happened to most of working women after world war 1?

They were expected to give up their jobs - apex

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