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Q: What jobs did priests have at the missions?
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What were the jobs of padres and priests at the missions?

they boss indians around

What are padres?

Padres were priests who worked in the missions.

What did the priests do at missions?

They helped natives learn Christianity

What was the priests purpose of buliding missions in califrona?


When did priests begin setting up missions?


What did catholic priests built when they arrive in Mexico?


When Priests begin setting up missions?


What are the padres jobs at the missions?

padres run the missions

What jobs did the priests have at the santa cruz mission?

what job wheres the priests

Who built missions?

catholic priests i.e. Junepero Serra

Why did priests build missions?

So they could molest children?

What jobs do Brahman's do?

Priests and Scholar

Who lived at the missions?

There were several groups at the missions. The priests were at the missions, Native American tribes( once they converted they weren't allowed to leave), and 5-6 soldiers. The Native Americans were often mistreated by both the priests and the soldiers.

What were the jobs of priests?

Priests council the members of their congregations and lead religious ceremonies.

Who built the first missions?

In America, the first missions were built by Catholic priests trying to reach the natives to Christ.

Who lived in the California missions?

Missionaries, priests, padres, and many numbers of Native Americans lived in California missions.

What jobs did the men have in the missions?

The men jobs were to work with the missionaries

What jobs did neophytes have at missions?


What are the main jobs in ladakh?

Traders and the priests

What jobs did the kshatryias have?

they worked for priests and were nobles.

What jobs did sumerian priests have?

Local Doctors

What did priests jobs do?

The worlds worst job

Who established missions throughout California?

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centures, Spanish priests set up missions in various parts of what is now the state of California. These priests were members of the Franciscan order of Catholicism.

What city did the Spanish priests find?

Spanish priests didn't find cities. They established missions around which cities grew.

What religion was at missions?

All 21 California missions are Catholic Churches. They were built by Spanish priests and guarded by Spanish soldiers.