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Telemarketers get paid about 30,000 yearly, however if you don't like sales, I would suggest looking for Customer Service Positions at call centers. Here you can take inbound calls, as opposed to marketing where you are required to sell, thus calling outbound. Telecommunication companies are your best bet, such at Cingular Wireless, SBC, etc. They also offer good benefits packages. ps. Very good chances of being promoted as there is turnover constantly.

however if one applies to Home Depot or lowes a customer service representative average salary is $32,000 and that can easily be made at lowes or home depot after 6 months, education and how much customer service you come in with

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Q: What jobs out there pay around 30000 salary?
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What is the median salary for media jobs?

There is a very wide array of jobs in the media. The median salary would be around $50,000 to $80,000. Of course that means that some jobs pay much less and some pay much more.

What is the starting salary of an ota officer in cds?

30000 starting at 6th pay

How much money do people make for different jobs?

It depends on your location and the cost of living Jobs by Salary Range » Six Figure Jobs ($100,000+) » High Income Jobs ($80,000 - $100,000) » Upper Middle Income Jobs ($50,000 - $80,000) » Middle Income Jobs ($30,000 - $50,000) » Entry Level Jobs ($10,000 - $30,000) Browse jobs by salary rates and pay scales as compiled by the salary experts. Compensation ranges and salary levels, are determined for the best job salary comparison. Different job salary info is available for all pay scales. Job pay structure for: base pay salary information, job market salary level. On pay day will your pay stub for direct pay be in the salary wage range you want? Check out the career salary info from

What is the pay rate of a sport scientist?

The average salary for sport science jobs is around $49,00

What is the average salary for engineering jobs?

Engineering jobs salaries start at around $35,000 and work up from there. The bottom level are entry level jobs, and of course pay increases with experience. Location and danger (such as petroleum engineer on a rig) can increase the salary.

How can I find out how much otolaryngology jobs pay?

The average price for otolaryngology jobs pay around $291,265 . if you d like more information on the salary go to

How much apple pay Steve as salary?

Steve Jobs salary from Apple is $1 (one dollar) per year.

What is the median salary for actuarial jobs?

In the United States, the average salary is $90,000, with a distribution of pay between $50,000 and $140,000.

Why do people have jobs in Chattanooga Tennessee?

They have jobs here because people who live in this area have various bills to pay and have to pay for their food and drink and in order to do thid they require jobs to earn a salary.

How much do the average daycare jobs pay in St. Paul,?

According to, the average pay for a day car worker in St. Paul is about $30000 per year.

If you make an income of 30000 a year after taxes and your rent is 30 percent of your annual salary How much money do you have to pay for rent every month?


New pay scale for section engineer in railways?

It is around 30000/month in metro city

What is the average pay rate for Denver jobs?

I believe it has an average salary of $53,640. Average salary amounts to $22.84 an hour. Including average salary, bonus, and total pay. A similar analysis by Thomas last year of BLS salary data for 2009.

What is the salary for elevator sales?

The salary for an elevator salesperson can vary greatly. Most sales jobs pay is from commission so the salary will depend on how many sales are made.

Does social work pay a good starting salary?

Social workers pay starts at about $30000 rising ti $50000,hower many years experince will be needed to reach the upper limits.

What is the the minimum pay rates from Harvard jobs ?

More information about a salary at Harvard University can be found online at the Harvard University website. The website gives you information about profiles for certain jobs and the salary.

What kind of salary does the HR profession provide?

The salary for a HR profession can vary depending on education and experience. Some HR jobs can pay a person over $40 thousand a year, while other HR jobs can pay over $100 thousand!

What is the pay for nurse practitioners in maryland?

The pay is around 99,000 dollars a year. This salary is comparable to most doctor's salary. This is a growing field.

What is the average pay of cna jobs?

The median salary of a CNA is $24,790 a year. This is not including Bonuses.

How much do museum jobs generally pay?

Some museums pay minimum wage. Others pay a salary based rate. It would depend on what museum you would work at and where the museum is. The bigger museums would more then likely pay salary based wages.

Who offers the highest yearly salary in Alabama for owner operator trucking jobs?

Your highest pay will be for cross country jobs but JBL pays good.

What is Kaiser permanente's pay scale?

well they pay according to what you do, for example a doctor makes more then a receptionist. a pay scale is kaiser permanente's way of how they pay for the different jobs, its like a salary.

What state at the US very easy to earn a lot of salary?

There are many states in which it is easy to earn a lot of salary, however it will greatly depend on what jobs you are willing to do. Typically jobs requiring more education pay much higher.

What salary figure do plumbing engineering jobs pay?

The pay scale for plumbing engineering jobs can range from $48,858 - $97,345. The range depends upon the experience and also depends upon the level of education and/or training.

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