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What jobs pay good without a degree?


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September 06, 2007 9:04PM

At least in Canada it's 'Trade's People' that are in high demands. Electricians, woodworkers, etc. Trade's people were once looked down upon because unless on went to University the Trade's people were considered lower class citizens. This has not been true for years. Since the 2010 Winter Olympics has been developing in leaps and bounds (held at Whistler Resort) but also includes Vancouver and all roads and waterways leading into Vancouver Trade's people are needed so badly. For a 'green employee' (meaning they know nothing about the trade) they get on the job training and start out anywhere from $14 - $16/hour (CDN dollars) but that will go up in leaps and bounds. What is great about this is the person being trained with someone else on the job who has higher qualifications the person doesn't have a student loan hovering over their head like they would if they were going to University. Oil fields also have a high demand for people and it's not as simple as it looks so if one doesn't have the training there are employers that will also produce on the job training. More and more young people in Canada are going into trades and some of these trades (when the person is fully qualified) can pay $35 - $60/hour depending on what they are training for. Do your homework on the Internet to find out where they need Trades People.