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At least in Canada it's 'Trade's People' that are in high demands. Electricians, woodworkers, etc. Trade's people were once looked down upon because unless on went to University the Trade's people were considered lower class citizens. This has not been true for years. Since the 2010 Winter Olympics has been developing in leaps and bounds (held at Whistler Resort) but also includes Vancouver and all roads and waterways leading into Vancouver Trade's people are needed so badly. For a 'green employee' (meaning they know nothing about the trade) they get on the job training and start out anywhere from $14 - $16/hour (CDN dollars) but that will go up in leaps and bounds. What is great about this is the person being trained with someone else on the job who has higher qualifications the person doesn't have a student loan hovering over their head like they would if they were going to University. Oil fields also have a high demand for people and it's not as simple as it looks so if one doesn't have the training there are employers that will also produce on the job training. More and more young people in Canada are going into trades and some of these trades (when the person is fully qualified) can pay $35 - $60/hour depending on what they are training for. Do your homework on the internet to find out where they need Trades People.

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Can you be successful in life even without a college degree?

Yes you can be successful in life without a college degree because you can still be able to find jobs that have a good pay

What types of factory jobs pay high salaries without a college degree?

Globalization has pretty much eradicated these kinds of jobs, but there are still some auto and steel worker jobs that pay well without a degree.

Where can you find a good paying job?

Do a search for " jobs for teens that pay over $25" and learn about the high paying power plant jobs that are offered to applicants without a college degree. jobs are becoming available because older workers are retiring after 30 - 40 years at their power plant jobs...... many of them started when they were teenagers without a degree

What jobs can you get with a business management degree?

You can work as an accountant or a business analyst. There are several jobs you could obtain with this degree with very good pay rates. Most of these jobs are easy to obtain directly out of school also.

What can I do with a JD degree?

get better jobs and higher pay

Does insurance management jobs pay well if you have a degree?

Of course this up and coming job pays very well if you have a degree. Most jobs that degrees aren't needed for still pay more if you do have a degree.

What jobs pay between 75-100k annual salary with a 4 year degree?

Most jobs that pay that much dont come from a four year degree noob. Most jobs that pay that much dont come from a four year degree noob. Most jobs that pay that much dont come from a four year degree noob. Disagree. I'm majoring in Marine Engineering which is a 4 year degree, and the average pay out of here is between 80-100K per year

Good jobs that pay good money?

Being good managers will help you get good pay.

How much do jobs pay with an associate's degree in chemistry?

around minimum wage!!!

What kind of job can you get with a studies degree?

You can get teaching jobs with a studies degree. You can get very good pay teaching in labs or on college campuses or even some high schools. Teaching is a great job.

What are some jobs that pay good?


Which job search engines are the best for finding high paying entry level jobs for teenagers without a college degree?

Instead of using job search engines, I recommend going to the offices of high paying industries and inquiring about entry level jobs for teenagers without a degree. High paying entry level jobs for teenagers can be found in the utilities industries, where power plant jobs are offered to teenagers without a college degree. On the job training is offered. Many power plant jobs pay more that the amount average college graduates earns right out of college. Google: high paying entry level jobs for teenagers Construction jobs pay well, so you may also want to Google: high paying construction jobs for teens without college LinkedIn is also a good place to connect to employers and to network with powerful people that help you find dream jobs for teenagers. Just Google for LinkedIn and networking for specific advice on high paying jobs for teenagers without college. The key is to contact key people directly through LinkedIn messaging system.

What are the best paying jobs that require a science degree?

A large number of jobs require a post-secondary science degree. Engineering (chemical, mechanical, petrochemical, electrical, nuclear, biomedical, and environmental) jobs all require a science degree, and pay handsomely.

What is the benefit of MBA degree?

An MBA degree is desirable for those seeking management jobs. It usually means the applicant will get better pay.

What is the median pay range for business admin jobs?

"Business administration jobs have pay ranges from $67,000 to $75,000. But if you have a higher degree you can demand more money from your employer than if you don't."

What jobs pay more than 12 dollars an hr?

Anything that requires a degree from a college.

What are some high paying jobs in Hawaii without college and no experience?

Hawaiian Electric Company is known as one of the biggest companies in Hawaii that offer high paying jobs without a college degree and with no experience. check out high-paying-jobs-with-no-college-degree dot com Power plant jobs in Hawaii are among the best paying jobs available in the islands. And many entry level positions are available because older workers are retiring (not by choice, but because of old age). The position of operator helper is one of the best way to get into the field of high paying jobs in Hawaii without a college degree, even if you have no experience. HECO even offers jobs for teenagers without college. Some top paying jobs for teenagers pay over $25 per hour at Hawaiian Electric Company. Do a Google search for " "high paying jobs in Hawaii with no college degree" "$25 per hour jobs for teens" "high paying power plant jobs" "poss test for power plants"

What kind of jobs are available to someone with a religious degree, and how do they pay?

There are many jobs for someone with a religious degree due to the skills that are acquired while achieving the degree. Some good examples would be a church administrator, a counselor, a social worker, a Minister of Religion or even a teacher. According to this site,, these are some of the careers where a religious degree may be helpful.

What are some good civil engineering jobs that pay good?

Civil Engineers working on public works projects with a bachelor's degree can make $100,000 just starting. This is a skill that is in wide demand in the global economy.

What jobs pay well without experience?

Janitorial Occupations pay well and are need very little training.

What is a six letter word for necessary for good pay?


What are good USAA jobs in San Antonio, TX?

There are several jobs in San Antonio, TX with USAA that pay more than $50,000 and do not require a graduate degree. There is a senior mobile marketing position that requires only a bachelor degree. There is also an actuary position and a credit risk analyst position available in that salary range that don't require anything more than a bachelor degree. Relevant work experience can take the place of a bachelor degree for these jobs.

Is college a good decision?

Yes, by going to college you can get better jobs, and better pay for those jobs.

What are the highest paying jobs without going to college?

The power plant industry offers power plant employment / power plant jobs without college, and with no experience. Thousands of baby boomers without a degree are retiring and their positions must be filled. Office jobs, and mechanical and industrial and operational jobs are available without a degree. For some positions passing a poss test would make it easier to get your foot in the door. Google "poss test" to learn how it can help you get high paying jobs at a power plant. Many power plant jobs pay over $70 thousand dollars per year. Air traffic control is also a job that hits the $100K plus range and requires no college. President of Microsoft is the highest paying job in the USA and Bill has no college degree.

Where is a good high paying job in California?

There are many California jobs that pay well and don't require a college degree. Jobs such as; administrative services managers, Transportation, storage, and distribution managers, and, General and operations managers are great for supporting a family.