What jobs were needed after the American Revolution?

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Jobs needed were farmers, lawyers, printers, farriers, store keepers, ship builders, sailors, fishermen, seamstresses, chemists, carpenters, bakers, and millers.
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What were some jobs during the American Revolution?

There were many jobs during the American revolution for example:silversmiths, farmer, rope makers, cobbler, wool weaver,blacksmiths, candle makers, barber, printer, clock make

What job did wercy have durng the American revolution?

Mercy Otis Warren, despite no formal education, was the author of aplay called Adulateur in 1773. It satirized the colonial governorof Massachussetts, and foretold the revolut

What were jobs during the American Revolution?

Jobs that would generally be the same as careers during the colonial period in America, suck as whalers, farmers, ministers, mail carriers, etc. A job that might have only app
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What revolution was inspried by the American Revolution?

both the Irish and french revolutions were inspired by the American revolution. after the American revolution,many french soldiers and generals,eg Marquis de lafyette,who ha