What jobs were needed after the American Revolution?

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Jobs needed were farmers, lawyers, printers, farriers, store keepers, ship builders, sailors, fishermen, seamstresses, chemists, carpenters, bakers, and millers.
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Who was in the American Revolution?

Answer . \nAmerican colonists seeking independence ... American loyalists seeking to remain part of the British empire ... Irish soldiers fighting in the British Army ... poor seamen pressed into service in the British Navy ... German mercenaries hired by the British ... French volunteers for the ( Full Answer )

When was the American Revolution?

The American Revolution lasted from 1775 to 1783. But there werefew serious battles following the surrender of a large British armyat Yorktown, VA in October, 1781.

What was the American Revolution about?

Answer For independence, the right of the people to rule rather than be controlled by a foreign power. If you read the Bill of rights you will understand why.

Why did you have the American Revolution?

Some Americans, called Loyalists wanted to remain loyal to the British king but others, called Patriots were against the king so they had a war.

Was the American Revolution truly a revolution?

This question is a debate that historians debate a great deal and the answers can be very open ended based on what your perspective. Answer 1 On the one hand, Americans greatly associated themselves with the British Empire until about 1775. They didn't openly seek separation until the Revolutio ( Full Answer )

What were some jobs during the American Revolution?

There were many jobs during the American revolution for example:silversmiths, farmer, rope makers, cobbler, wool weaver,blacksmiths, candle makers, barber, printer, clock makers, butcher,poets, tailor, town crier, house wife, sailor, doctors, innkeepers, teachers, mid wife, and soap makers.

Where was the American Revolution?

The American Revolution took place in Colonial America. It was fought within the thirteen British colonies in North Americathat declared their independence in 1776 (New Hampshire,Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey,Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Car ( Full Answer )

Why was there an American Revolution?

After defeating France, and her Indian allies, in the Seven Year'sWar (1754-1763), or the "French and Indian War" as it was called incolonial America, Great Britain, as a result of the costly victory,was in deep debt. The British government, reasoning that the warwas necessary to evict the French fr ( Full Answer )

What job did wercy have durng the American revolution?

Mercy Otis Warren, despite no formal education, was the author of aplay called Adulateur in 1773. It satirized the colonial governorof Massachussetts, and foretold the revolution. She was closefriends with Abigail Adams. She attempted to get the right forwomen to vote put into the Constitution, but ( Full Answer )

About American Revolution?

Facts about the American Revolution include that it began in 1775.This war was fought between colonist and England and in later yearsof the war France came to the aid of the colonist and help themwin.

Was American Revolution a real revolution?

Yes it was, the American Revolution is what made America, if there wasn't an American Revolution, we would still be ruled by Britain, we wouldn't be a free country . This also has to do with the pilgrims too!

Who were the American leaders in the American Revolution?

As with any army in any war there were multiple leaders. The military hierarchy was about this: George Washington>Horatio Gates, Henry Knox>Benedict Arnold (His position in this hierarchy caused his betrayel), Baron Freidrich von Steuben>multiple brigadier generals>John Paul Jones, Ethan Allen, and ( Full Answer )

To what extent was the American Revolution a revolution?

The American Revolution was not a complete revolution. TheAmerican's felt oppressed by British Imperial rule. A good way todescribe this is "taxation without representation", the Americanswere forced to pay taxes by the British in order to increaseBritish revenue. Some of the taxes include the Stamp ( Full Answer )

Who the American Revolution?

The political revolution against England resulting in the independence of the 13 colonies of Britain in N.A.

What were jobs during the American Revolution?

Jobs that would generally be the same as careers during the colonial period in America, suck as whalers, farmers, ministers, mail carriers, etc. A job that might have only appeared during this time period would probably be a militiaman.

What did African Americans do in the American Revolution?

Know your history, the first man to die in the American Revolution was a black man, Crispus Attucks. He was fighting on the front line. The National Archives and Records Administration has a series of records regarding the Negro in the American Military that dates back to 1639! So the fighting was n ( Full Answer )

How did Americans win the American revolution?

Patriots who were in the continental army as Geogre Washington as the comander and chief of the Northeren army surounded the British the land and the French navy surounded them by sea and we had a battle , Washington won with his men and the last battle of the revolution was the Battle of Yorktown i ( Full Answer )

Was the American Revolution a war or a revolution?

A war. A revolution is the complete internal restrucuring of a society. A war is a contest carried out by force of arms. Americans fought a war of independance, they didn't restructure society like the french would in a few years.

Why was the American Revolution not really a revolution?

In a revolution, a government is overthrown and replaced byanother. The "American Revolution" did overthrow a monarchy, Yes the American Revolution was a real revolution. If the AmericanRevolution had never taken place the United States would not existand would probably still be a colony of Great B ( Full Answer )

Was the American Revolution a real revolution?

Yes the American Revolution was a real revolution. If the American Revolution had never taken place the United States would not exist and would probably still be a colony of Great Britain. Yes, it was a real revolution, because the people being governed overthrew the government that was ruling them. ( Full Answer )

Is the American Revolution a modern revolution?

This has been a long-debated question among scholars. For a long time, historians thought of the Revolution as a conservative affair, i.e., an attempt to preserve colonists' British liberties. Also, the idea of a "revolution" has been defined in terms of the French and Russian Revolutions. Both of w ( Full Answer )

What revolutions inspired the American Revolution?

None. The American Revolution was inspired by various poets-Aristotle, Thomas Hobbes, and John Locke, John Locke being the most famous. These poets had written of the Laws of Nature-"that they are endowed by their creator with certain, unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the P ( Full Answer )

When was the American Revolution called the American Revolution?

The American Revolution occurred during the end of 18th Century between the 13 colonies and Britain. The American Revolution was called the American Revolution because of the fact that at the time the United States was under the power of British Parliament, up until the American Revolution when the ( Full Answer )

Is the American Revolution an actual revolution?

... or simply an Independence movement? A revolution is usually taken to mean a complete change in the system of government; from a monarchy to a republic, as in the French example, or from one sort of monarchy (absolute) to another (constitutional) as in England. By this criterion, it was a revol ( Full Answer )

What revolution was inspried by the American Revolution?

both the Irish and french revolutions were inspired by the American revolution. after the American revolution,many french soldiers and generals,eg Marquis de lafyette,who had fought for France alongside the American colonists brought the idea back to France,and after that,the Irish heard of it and ( Full Answer )

Who governed the Americans after the American Revolution?

After the American revolution there was a short period of time when no one governed it but shortly after the revolution was over they wrote the constitution and George Washington became the first president of the USA.

Who was fighting for American in the American Revolution?

A long time ago, the Americans were with the British, until the American revolution. The loyalists, (they were loyal to the king) listened to King George and gave the patriots (people who were not loyal to the king) heavy taxes. The patriots could not afford that, so they started a war for their fre ( Full Answer )

What and where was the American Revolution?

The American revolution took place in the current east side of America (from New York to Georgia, and some parts of Canada). The American revolution was the people in America at the time rebelling against the British monarch. The revelation first stated as a complaint against taxes that the ri ( Full Answer )

What if they had no American Revolution?

America would be ruled by England, kidda like Canada, the french would probably not had their revolution and America wouldn't have been a world power.

Why have a revolution for American?

several reasons: 1)the Americans were ruled by the british,and were unhappy with the taxes that were being imposed on them by the british parliament. 2)European writers like jean Jacques Rousseau wrote books about how people should rule a country,and not a king or queen.this was known as the enl ( Full Answer )

What did the native Americans have to do in the American Revolution?

Certain Native Americans decided to fight alongside the AmericanColonists while others fought alongside the British and stillothers chose neutrality. However, Native Americans were notdirectly involved in the American Revolution and were seen as pawnsby the Americans and British alike. The British w ( Full Answer )

Was there an American revolution?

There was an American Revolution between 1776 and 1783. The war was a protest against English rule and trade restrictions with the intent to gain freedom from the English. The understanding that the colonies could govern themselves was not accepted in Europe.