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miller,copyer,blacksmith, dressmaker,& others if your a student look in your social studies book if you are in 5th grade

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What were the responsibilities of men in colonial times?

jobs and responsibilities of colonial men

What were some jobs from the colonial times?

Some of the jobs in the colonial times were, blacksmith, traders, town crier, millers, fishers, farmers, and whalers.

What were the main jobs in colonial New Jersey?

Some jobs of colonial times were the cobbler. The cobbler remade and polished shoes.

Jobs colonial times?

some of them were mostly to work outside

What were jobs that boys had in colonial times?

They had to do farming fishing and whaling

What were some jobs colonail people had?

Colonial people had jobs such as schoolmaster, black smith, dressmaker, ect. Life was very hard work in colonial times.

What jobs did men and boys have in colonial times?

The jobs that men and boys had in colonial times were mainly working on farm, fishing and hunting. As for the women, they went out to gather fruits t make food among other household chores.

What were men's jobs in colonial Virginia?

jd what were men's jobs in colonial virginia?

What were the jobs of women in Colonial Pennslyvania?

Most women in colonial times, including Pennsylvania, cooked, made cloths, and took care of the family.

Jobs of colonial Pennsylvania have?

Jobs such as making cloth and sewing were important jobs among the woman in colonial Pennsylvania.

How were jobs posted in colonial times?

I am guessing probably by newspapers and by people communicating about the jobs going around that is my opinion hope it gives you an idea :)

What jobs were available for people in colonial times?

Seamstress, farmer, blacksmith, fisherman, shipbuilders, whalers, lumbermen

What jobs did boys or men have in colonial times?

they had to hunt , make candles and, give the food to the women to cook>

What were some jobs in colonial Delaware?

There were numerous jobs in the colonial Delaware. Some of the jobs were shopkeeper, blacksmith, doctor, teachers, lumberjacks, and tailors.

What Jobs were there in Colonial New Jersey?

how do you guys not know what jobs were available in colonial new jersey what is wrong with you people

What were some jobs in the North Carolina Colony?

being an indentured servant (Google indentured servant colonial times)

What kinds of jobs were there in colonial South Carolina?

Well, they farmed and planted lots of rice grains. They specialized in tabacco. South Carolina was such a poor place to live in colonial times.

Was a milliner important in the colonial times?

Yes, milliners in the colonial times were basically where you would get your clothing in the colonial times.

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