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There is a bit of confusing concerning the terminology used in the question. A judgment writ is issued to the plaintiff if the lawsuit is won. The judgment can then be executed pursuant to state statutes. The process of filing a lawsuit can begin by contacting the clerk or the administrator of the court of jurisdiction or by retaining legal representation.

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Q: What judgment must be entered for a cosigner to begin a lawsuit against the primary borrower?
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How do you file for a judgment for an unpaid promissory note?

The creditor (holder of the note) would need to file a lawsuit in the court of jurisdiction where the debtor(borrower) resides. If the creditor prevails in the suit a judgment will be entered against the borrower. The creditor can then execute the judgment in accordance with the laws of the debtor's state.

Does a contract with an attorney end after the judgment has entered against you?


What can be done to you if you have a judgment against you?

If there is a judgment against you, the best thing to do is to pay. It will remain on your record indefinitely if you do not. You can argue the judgment in court, but once a judgment is entered it will likely not be reversed.

What if i fail to pay a law suit?

If you have had a judgment entered against you and have not paid, the prevailing party can request that the court garnish wages or property in order to pay the judgment entered against you. -J

How do I dispute a judgment entered against me?

You need the advice of a solicitor (attorney) to do this.

What is memorandum of judgment?

Memorandum of judgment is a brief summary or outline of a judgment which specifies the name of the court that entered the judgment, date, amount, name of the party in whose favor and name of the party against whom entered.

Can a creditor receive a judgment and or lien against me even though you have never appeared in court?

If you fail to appear in court a default judgment can be entered against you

Can you file bankruptcy once a judgment is entered against you in the state of Pennsylvania?

Yes, but the judgment may not be discharged in BK without compensation.

If your spouse has a judgment against them can it also be filed in the other spouse's credit report?

If the judgment names only one spouse as the judgment debtor it will not be entered on the non judgment spouse's credit report.

How do you contest a fraudulent judgment against you?

File a Motion To Vacate in the court where the judgment was entered against the defendant. Contact the office of the clerk of the court of jurisdiction for information on the procedures and the forms required for filing.

What steps do you have to take in detail to file a judgment?

A lawsuit must be filed against the debtor/defendant in the court of jurisdiction. If the plaintiff wins the suit a judgment will then be entered against the defendant. Judgments can be executed against the property or wages of the debtor in accordance with the laws of the state in which the judgment is awarded.

If you are owed 150K on a promissory note and the other party is refusing to pay how can you collect?

The creditor(lender) will more than likely have to file a lawsuit against the debtor (borrower) to recover monies owed. If the creditor wins the suit a judgment will be entered against the debtor. The judgment can be executed according to state laws against any nonexempt property belonging to the debtor. The judgment holder should use caution when seizing property, as they can be penalized for incumbering exempted property of the debtor or possibly jointly owned property. The safe and expedient method of enforcing a judgment is by wage garnishment.

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