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Herbicides, dog urine, drought, over cutting, overgrazing, tillage, trampling, etc.


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one type of grass that kills plants can be Johnson farm grass. they have poisonous roots to plants but not humans.

yes. bleach has chlorine in it, which kills grass. be careful!

Round-up, but the grass needs to be activly growing.

it kills the parts it touches

Yes, lime does kill grass because it is very acidic. The acidity of lime kills the cells of the grass therefore leading to the drying of the grass.

Yes, salt kills the grass in most yards. There are some salt-tolerant grasses but they are not common.

Because the acidity from the dog's urine kills the patch of grass they urinated in.

A product called Gallant NF herbicide. You can spray a grassy shrubbery and it only kills grasses

Salt is bad for grass in large doses. Although salt typically kills grass, it can be used to get rid of an unwanted patch.

Yes, weed killers can kill grass. This happens when the herbicide kills non-selectively on contact.

The sodium in salt draws liquid from the grass and salinates the cells, which is why the grass turns brown and dies. The same process that causes deserts to form.

rock salt effect the grass by killing the roots when the salt melts. It therefore kills the grass before it can even grow!! - a grade 8 student:)

chlorine kills all living organisms (including germs),so this needs to be used in moderation but it will kill your grass

Rock salt kills grass because it draws the water out of them. Salt absorbs water and when placed on grass will absorb the water that plants need to survive.

an herbicide called cimarron by Dow kills bahia. good luck.

You can not really put anything in your flower beds to prevent grass, but if you happen to get grass in your flower beds, there is a product called Ortho Grass B Gon Garden Grass Killer. It kills grasses without causing any harm to flowers or groundcover.

It does...if you put enough salt into the water mixture & it soaks into the ground then nothing will EVER grow there again. Salt dries out the flowers therefore kills them...also kills grass.

Yes, rock salt does kill grass. It kills grass by "pulling" the water of the grass's plant cells therefore making the cell hypertonic(not enough water in cytoplasm). It will slowly die of thirst.

The answer is for the baby deer's is the life cycle is a sun to the grass and than the grass, deer and the fox to the lion and than the person kills the lion to eat or just for decaration

Salt kills grass & weeds. Probably kill a plant too. You can stop watering a plant and it will die.

A cobra kills using its teeth and venom and ability to move silently through the grass with out being noticed

Wire Grass can be a pretty invasive weed. Unfortunately, there is no selective way to kill wire grass in your lawn. The best thing to do is to use ready to use Roundup and spot treat the wire grass. Once the wire grass is dead you can plant grass seed in any bare areas left by the dead wire grass. You have to be careful using Roundup in lawns because it kills all grass, so just spot treat the wire grass.

waste kills the earth trees, grass, etc. it also reduces amount of land for other animals and plants

cows eat grass get milk an then when the farm is highly populated with cows the farmer kills some of them and the same thing over again

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