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my 1993 Toyota corolla was r12 but i converted it to a r134a easily all you have to do is change the fittings and flush out the system i don't even know if you can get r12 anymore all shops would suggest converting your system.

You need to have the system evacuated of the R22 at a licensed A/C repair facility that can disposed of the R22 correctly.

Best bet is to have the a/c experts do the conversion. It is more than just changing fittings because the dryer needs to be replaced with one compatible to the new R134. If this is not done, the A/C system can possibly explode from the difference in pressures between the two different types of refrigerant. And the A/C will not work correctly.

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Q: What kind of Freon do you use in a 1994 Toyota Corolla?
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