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They love that Mexican accent mixed with American.

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What kind of acent does Greek language have?

It sounds like spanish as far as the accent.

What does a greek accent sound like?

identical to spanish...

How do you spell how in Spanish?

The Spanish word for "how" is "como" (KOH-moh).Actually, como -- with no accent -- means "like" or "as." "How" must have a written accent: cómo.

What is the name of a Spanish accent which looks like an umlaut?

A tilde.

Do spanish girls like black guys?

Sometimes. It depend on if she like black guys or not.

How do you say 15 in Spanish?

quince ( sounds like Keen say) is 15 in Spanish.Say "Quince", which is 15 in Spanish, in a Spanish accent. :)

Do British girls like Australian guys?

Yess!!! I'm a sucker for the accent! And the tanned skin... yummy! Best guys on the planet!

What kind of girls do british guys like?

Most guys like most girls...

How do you say he and Spanish?

He in spanish is "El" but with an accent abouve the "E" if there is not accent, el means "the". Spanish in spanish is "Espanol" but with a tilda(which looks like a squigly line) avoer the "n" which makes it pronounced with a "nya" sound. e'l pronounced as L

What does the Portuguese accent sound like?

Sounds to me a bit like Spanish spoken by a French speaker.

What are the people of Switzerland like?

they are very kind a they have a British accent

What does th word English look like in spanish?

ingles [with an accent on the 'e']

How do you pronounce Mexico in Spanish?

When saying Mexico with a spanish accent, it often sounds like Meh-heek-oh.

What kind of guys do woman like?

Nice and kind guys that will treat them right. That are funny and that they can be themselves around.

How do you say the letter v in spanish?

It depends on which spanish accent you are talking about, but most spanish countries pronounce it like the English letter B.

What do como means?

In Spanish, "cómo" with a written accent is "how?" "Como" without a written accent is "like" or "as." Como is also the name of a lake in Italy.

What kind of flirting do guys like?

guys like girls who would do anything with them and be with them all the time and they like thing like holding hand , kissing , and are kind of he same to they guy

How do you say Raymond in Spanish?

Raymond but with an accent like (rah-mon) but roll your tongue

What is the weather going to be like translated to spanish?

Cual tiempo hara? (accent on the final 'a')

What does Aqui means in spanish?

It means "here". It is spelled with a tilde (accent) on the "i", like this: aquí

Do Spanish guys like mixed girls?

Depends on the guy.

How do you pronounce alexa in spanish?

"A" like in "spanish". "L" in the common way. "E" like in the word "eggs". "X" like in "ex boyfriend", and "A" again. The accent must be in the "e".

What does por que le gusta el espanol mean in English?

¿Porqué le gusta español? = "why do you like Spanish" or "Why does he/she like Spanish" (without the accent mark, it could mean, because you like spanish or because he/she likes spanish.)

What kind of guys like punk rock girls?

ballerina guys generallly like punk rock girls

Do teen girls like guys with southern accent?

I don't think a lot of girls do but that's just my opinion.