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Cystic Acne causes very deep, painful acne that can leave scars.


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A painful pimple/bump on the skin that doesn't show any color like a whitehead or a blackhead does.

You can treat pimples with benzoyl peroxide. This will dry up the pimple. If the pimple leaves a mark on your face you can put fading cream on the mark.

To get rid of pimple marks and pimples use PROACTIVE!!!

get pimple cream and rub butter or peanut butter on your pimple gently

Pimples are spread when you pop a pimple and the bacteria from it can spread to other areas of your face causing more pimples.

When You Run Your Pimple On grass

Pimples are visible. Look in a mirror.

What the hell is a smelly pimple...

pimple = peets-on (פצעון) pimples = peets-o-neem (פצעונים)

I'm pretty sure that pimples can't form on tongues. What you may think are pimples are probably papillae, a.k.a "taste buds". But sometimes you may get a white dot on your tounge. Does it hurt when you bite it? Well then you probally have what I call a "tounge pimple" I don't know what causes them and I also don't know how to get rid of them...Sorry.. :(

Once a pimple is popped you can dab a little rubbing alcohol on it to dry out the pimple

If you have scratched or irritated your pimple then it becomes red.

Pimples are formed when sweat mixes with bacteria.

No it will not cause a pimple breakout.

If you have alot of pimples or just one, and you put concealer or foundation or anything over top of your pimple, it can cause it to be bigger and worse. Also, if you leave makeup on while you are sleeping and don't wash and moisterize your face properly then you can get pimples because you are clogging your pore's and that causes pimples.

YES! if you keep the toothpaste on ur pimple for bout 30 minutes hten the redness of the pimple around it will reduce, and it will make it stop stinging! :-) UPDATE: you can also use eye drops (that reduce redness in the eyes). It also helps on pimples.

Yes they both cure pimples as the lemon has antibacterial properties and it helps to lighten pimple marks. Papaya is well-known in combating pimple causing bacteria.

Yes. Pimples can show up all over the body. Your pimple could be a STD if you have had unprotected sex.

White blood cells come out when you pop a pimple.

well no not really, because sweating can put baktirea on the skin which causes pimples , work outs are good but after wards have a shower and wash your face, a good way to get rid of pimples is holding ice for a few minutes to the pimple, pop[ping it is not a good way, if u do pop it put clenser on it strait after another way is with pimple creams and lotions

You can get a scar from your pimples from picking on it. You can get pimples from junk food, sweat, and even by staying up too late.

Try to get rid of the pimple, by using a face mask or face wash. Honey works well too. But if the pimple does not go away, you just have to shave around it.

Models usually get any blemishes such as pimples covered with make up and treated with good pimple medication. So, yes, you can be a model if you have pimples.

i have a pimple on my libia as of this moment i thought it was something else and i flipped out but i was wrong its just a pimple you can get them everywhere from like your legs rubbing together while you walk causes that area to sweat wich sweating can cause pimples its perfectly normal but make sure it looks like a pimple before you really think that's what it is to be a pimple it would have to be whit on the top and red

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