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Not much. Their only friends were Germany and Italy and they were busy in Europe.

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How has Japan technologically advance since World War 2?

kind of

What kind of computers are made in Japan in World War 2?


What kind of government did Japan adopt after World War 2?

A democratic form.

What are some good things about Japan?

Japan was in World War 2. (WW2) I think that is great!! Well kind of.

What kind of clothes did people wear in japan during world war 2?


Did Japan benefit from World War 2?

No Japan did not benefit from World War 2.

Did japan win the World War 2?

Japan was defeated in World War II.

Who is Japan after worLd war two?

japan is..... JAPAN

Who fought against Germany Italy and Japan in World War I?

Japan was not allied with Germany in World War 1. That was world war 2.

Did japan fight in Germany in World War 2?

Germany and Japan were on the same side in World War II.In World War I Japan was on the Allied side and fought against Germany.

What kind of jobs did people in japan during world war 2?

they were basically slaves of the Americans back then

What type of government did japan have after World War I?

After World War 1 Japan had an asian government in which they were asian

Start of World War 2 with japan?

Japan attacked Manchuria, this causing the second world war.

Why did Italy and japan enter the world war?

Italy and Japan entered the war to

Why did Germany go into war with Japan in World War 2?

Germany and Japan were allies during World War 2. They were not at war with each other.

What was Japan called in World War 2?


Who was the real world leader in Japan during World War 2?

Hideki Tojo was the leader of japan in world war 2.

What kind of plane was flown to drop the atomic bombs in japan in World War 2?

B 52 bombers

When did Russia declare war on Japan in World War II?

Russia declared war on Japan during World War II on August 8, 1945.

Which side of the war was Japan on?

Japan was on the Axis Powers side in World War II.

When World War 2 began japan sided with?

When World War II began, Japan sided with Germany and Italy.

How many people died in Japan in World War I?

Japan had 250 killed and 1000 wounded in World War 1.

World War 2 atomic bombing in Japan?

Hitler started world war 2 then japan got involved

Did japan lose world war 1?

Japan did not participate in World War I. It was mostly European countries that did include Germany.

Did the Soviet union receive payment of war reparations in return for joining war against Japan?