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What kind of alcohol and drug counseling job can one obtain with an Associate in Arts?

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My boyfriend didn't have an associates at all and got a job as a Case Manager (working with addicts). He makes okay money (27K) and it's a great way to get your foot in the door. A lot of driving is involved- goes from hospital to rehab to shelter to sober house and back to office most days. But he loves it. He is in the process of getting an associates in drug counseling. Life experience is a big plus in these kinds of jobs, more than education.

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What does AAA means?

Within the world of academia, it stands for "Associate of Arts" degree.Within the world of academia, it stands for "Associate of Arts" degree.Within the world of academia, it stands for "Associate of Arts" degree.Within the world of academia, it stands for "Associate of Arts" degree.Within the world of academia, it stands for "Associate of Arts" degree.Within the world of academia, it stands for "Associate of Arts" degree.

Is it Associate or Associate's Degree of Arts?

It's Associate's Degree, or an Associate of Arts Degree.

How many years do you have to go to college to be a Associate in Applied Arts?

An Associate in Applied Arts is usually two years. You won't be an Associate in Applied Arts though, you will have one.

When is ptet2008 counseling of arts faculty?

When is ptet2008 counselling of arts faculty?

Why does a degree say AA and AS?

AA is Associate of Arts; AS is Associate of Science.

Where can I get my human services degrees ?

University of Phoenix has a variety of degrees for human services and counseling. They have three major programs: Associate of Arts in Human Services Management, Bachelor of Science in Human Services, and Master of Science in Counseling - Marriage, Family, & Child Therapy.

Isn't the correct degree name Associate in Arts Degree?

It depends on the institution. Mine is an "Associate inArts", but other institutions call them "Associate of Arts". Either way, it is abbreviated "A.A." Just look and see what it says on the physical degree.

What jobs can you get with an associate of arts degree in sciences?

What job can I get with an associates degree in arts?

What is an aat degree?

Associate of Arts for Teachers

What is the difference between an associate's degree and an associate of occupational studies degree?

An Associates degree can be segmented into a number of categories to include: * AA (Associate of Arts) * AS (Associate of Science) * APS (Associate of Public Service) * AAB (Associate of Applied Business) * AAS (Associate of Applied Science; or in some cases, Associate of Arts and Sciences) * AIT (Associate of Industrial Technology) * AOS (Associate of Occupational Studies) * ABA (Associate of Business Administration) * AAT (Associate of Arts in Teaching) * AF (Associate of Forestry) * AT (Associate of Technology) * AE (Associate of Engineering; or, in some cases, Associate in Electronics Engineering Technology) * AET (Associate in Engineering Technology) * AN (Associate of Nursing) * AGS (Associate of General Studies) * ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) Thus, to answer your question more accurately, it would depend on which of the above associates degree you are referring to. The Associate of Occupational Studies degree is for students who intend to enter the work force upon graduation. There are generally little or no liberal arts requirements for this degree.

What is the difference between an AA AAS and AS degree?

A.A is associate in arts A.S is associate in science A.A.S is associate in applied science

What does AFA Degree means?

Associate in Fine Arts

What is AAFB degree?

Associate of the Arts in the Foundations of Business

How do you abbreviate associates degree?

It depends on the degree type as follows.associate of arts (AA)associate in science (AS)associate of applied science (AAS)

What degrees are you able ot obtain if you enroll in any technology schools?

You can get a Bachelor in science or arts in most technology schools. Associate degree are also available for some schools online.

What is the difference in a AS degree and a AA degree?

AS = Associate of Science AA = Associate of Arts Both are two-year degrees

Is anyone enrolled in an Associate Diploma?

I have an Associate of Arts degree. Please be more specific about what you want to know about the degree.

What is an AAS degree?

Associate in Applied Arts & Science degree is an AAAS An AAS is an Associate of Applied Science degree

What is the difference between an AAA and and AS degree?

A.S degree is Associate of Science and is typically awarded in mathematics or physical sciences. A.A. is Associate of Arts and is typically awarded in the arts or humanities classes.

What is the general name of the degree that a community college awards?

Typically, there are three as follows.Associate of Arts (AA)Associate in Science (AS)Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

What are the following degrees AAA as AAA as and AAA?

AA - an associate degree in arts Associate in Arts associate degree, associate - a degree granted by a two-year college on successful completion of the undergraduates course of studies AS.What_are_the_following_degrees-_AAS_AA_ASWhat_are_the_following_degrees-_AAS_AA_AS

What does AAA nursing mean?

It is an associate or arts degree. However, The degree type for nursing is typically an associate in science degree.

What are the core college courses for an Associate of Arts Degree?

Depends on the associate degree but most will require math and english classes.

What does AAA stand for as an academic degree?

Associate of Applied Arts Degree

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