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What kind of ammo does a marlin lever action 3030 take?


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It will fire the 30-30 win.marked ammo.This will be visable on the box of cartridges that you will buy.

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marlin 35 cal. lever action. rifle/ Marlin makes the rifle ,but not the ammo for it.

Assuming it is in good condition to shoot any modern day ammo, yes.

In order to determine what ammo is appropriate for your Marlin rifle,i Would need to know what model of marlin you have?Is it a model 1889,1893 etc.I would also need to know what markings are found on the barrel(40-60,38-40,40-65 etc.)this will all assist in the correct ammo for the rifle in question.Please repost your question with the info required to help you determine the correct ammo for your rifle.

The 2 most popular 30-30 rifles made- the Winchester 94 and the Marlin 336- both hold 6 cartridges.

Your marlin should be marked on the side of the barrel as to which type of 22 ammo it needs.example of 22 short,22long.22 long rifle,22magnum.

The Marlin 1895CB is a strong action. It can handle any factory standard ammo made today, including the hotter stuff. No need to worry about that gun!

shooting pointed bullets in tube magazine , pointed bullets can set off the ammo in the rifles recoil.

The barrel should be stamped 30-30 winchester. They are expensive.

The marlin model 781 was chambered for the .22 long rifle.

The winchester 25-35 Cartridge CAN be safely fired in a 25-36 Marlin caliber firearm. They are similar cartridges, the Marlin is a bit longer. For that reason the Marlin ammo cannot be fired in the Winchester.

I assume you mean .35 Remington rifle ammunition vs. standard 30-30 rifle ammo. If so then they are not the same and although they look similar they are not interchangable. I hope this answers your question.

Marlin 30-30 336 RC (mine is made in 1955) lever action is an excellent shooter, hunter and home defense gun. Compact enough in case of nationwide emergency to take with you, can take down a target wearing a helmet and the ammo is cheap and readily available. Costs about 250-350 depending on your geographical area.

The Marlin Model 62 "Levermatic " rifle in caliber .256 Win. Magnum was only made from 1963-1966, with about 9000 made. These are fairly scarce- I have only held one of them in my life. You MAY find one through on line gun auctions, such as, or Your next question will be where you will find .256 Win Mag ammo. Do not believe this is being commercially loaded.

Yes. Not usually. Most FMJ ammo is pointed, and in tubular magazines the possibility of the point of a bullet setting off the primer of the bullet in front of it makes it unwise to load them into a tube magazine. Bullets for lever actions are usually round ended

because a lever gun has different levels that need to be put into it

Read your manual, or request a free catalog from Marlin. Factory load is always what they recommend.

the serial number 21171 would be from late 1888, the 38W stands for 38winchester also known as a 38-40 caliber. this gun will be either a late model 1888 marlin with top shell ejection, or a very early 1889 model with side ejection, also the model 1889 would be marked marlin safety on top of the reciever. in either case this is a antique black powder cartridge firearm and should not be shot with modern smokeless powder ammo, due do stronger ammo pressures and weaker steel that was used in the guns of this period.

Yes, the .44 caliber cartridges are pistol/revolver cartridges. Lever action carbines/rifles of the 1800's utilized many pistol calibers so that frontiersmen could use the same ammo for both guns.

No. You will have to have a Model 1895

The Marlin model 92 was never chambered for .32 Winchester! It was chambered for the .32 Long, which is very similar (and interchangeable with) the .32 Long Colt.Marlin 92's were sold with both rimfire and centerfire firing pins and could shoot .32 Long RF or .32 Long CF. by changing the firing pins. You will need to check your's to know which one you presently have in the gun.Wisners sells replacement firing pins in either configuration, if your's turns out to be RF, as that ammo is hard to find. CF is easier to find, but still not readily available either. The Marlin 92 will NOT shoot .32 S&W Long, as that ammo is different.

If you reload your own ammo you can purchase brass from Midway USA. if not you can order loaded ammo from

you must use cci hypervelosity long rifle ammo. this will result in jam free ops. That would be a no on the Hyper ammo. Marlin specifically states in the manual NOT to use Hyper Velocity ammo in their semi-auto rifles. It's fine for the bolt action and lever action rimfires, but not in the semi-auto. The semi-auto Marlin rifles were designed to shoot High Velocity only and using Hyper can damage them. There are a lot of reasons a Marlin or any other rimfire rifle might "jam", but we'll need a lot more information on the particular problem. Jamming could be anything from a failure to feed, extract, eject, stove piping or other problem. We just need more information. If you really need help on your Marlin 60, surf over to Rimfire Central's Marlin forums. A lot of great advice and they/we should be able to keep your 60 running smooth. There's also a lot of information on upgrades available for your 60 if you decide to make some changes. For the record, my personal Model 60 doesn't jam and it has 10,000+ rounds through it since 2005. They're great little rifles if they're running as they should.

The ammo does not generate enough gas to operate the action

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