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It will fire the 30-30 win.marked ammo.This will be visable on the box of cartridges that you will buy.

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Q: What kind of ammo does a marlin lever action 3030 take?
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Why is Marlin Rifle Company making rifle and not sell that cal ammo?

marlin 35 cal. lever action. rifle/ Marlin makes the rifle ,but not the ammo for it.

Can you shoot hornady's leverevolution ammo in your older 30-30 marlin lever action?

Assuming it is in good condition to shoot any modern day ammo, yes.

What ammunition does 40 cal marlin lever action rifle use?

In order to determine what ammo is appropriate for your Marlin rifle,i Would need to know what model of marlin you have?Is it a model 1889,1893 etc.I would also need to know what markings are found on the barrel(40-60,38-40,40-65 etc.)this will all assist in the correct ammo for the rifle in question.Please repost your question with the info required to help you determine the correct ammo for your rifle.

Can you shoot 357 lever action ammo in a 357 handgun?


Which 3030 can take most ammo?

The 2 most popular 30-30 rifles made- the Winchester 94 and the Marlin 336- both hold 6 cartridges.

What kind of ammo does a marlin bolt action 22 model 783 require?

Your marlin should be marked on the side of the barrel as to which type of 22 ammo it needs.example of 22 short,22long.22 long rifle,22magnum.

Can you shoot .38 caliber ammo in a 357 magnum Model 94 lever action rifle?


When purchasing ammo for a marlin 1895 cb govt 45 70 rifle what limitations if any are there to the number of grains?

The Marlin 1895CB is a strong action. It can handle any factory standard ammo made today, including the hotter stuff. No need to worry about that gun!

Who makes ammo for 375 calb marlin?


Can the new pointed ammo for the 336 c be used instead of the blunt ammo?

You will have to contact Marlin to find out.

What is the danger with lever action rifles?

shooting pointed bullets in tube magazine , pointed bullets can set off the ammo in the rifles recoil.

Where can you buy Marlin 40-60 ammo? They are expensive.

Can you use 25-35 ammo in a 25-36M gun?

The winchester 25-35 Cartridge CAN be safely fired in a 25-36 Marlin caliber firearm. They are similar cartridges, the Marlin is a bit longer. For that reason the Marlin ammo cannot be fired in the Winchester.

What type of ammo does a savage 3030 rifle fire?

The barrel should be stamped 30-30 winchester.

What type of ammo does a model 781 marlin 22 use?

The marlin model 781 was chambered for the .22 long rifle.

What causes a 22 caliber marlin 60 to jam?

lead ammo

Where can you find a Marlin 256 lever action rifle?

The Marlin Model 62 "Levermatic " rifle in caliber .256 Win. Magnum was only made from 1963-1966, with about 9000 made. These are fairly scarce- I have only held one of them in my life. You MAY find one through on line gun auctions, such as, or Your next question will be where you will find .256 Win Mag ammo. Do not believe this is being commercially loaded.

How much would a good marlin 30-30 cal rifle cost?

Marlin 30-30 336 RC (mine is made in 1955) lever action is an excellent shooter, hunter and home defense gun. Compact enough in case of nationwide emergency to take with you, can take down a target wearing a helmet and the ammo is cheap and readily available. Costs about 250-350 depending on your geographical area.

Is 35 caliber ammo the same as 3030 ammo?

I assume you mean .35 Remington rifle ammunition vs. standard 30-30 rifle ammo. If so then they are not the same and although they look similar they are not interchangable. I hope this answers your question.

Can the new lever-evolution ammo be used in the 336cc?


Can a 450 Marlin Guide Gun fire 45-70 ammo?

Absolutely not!

What size ammo does a marlin 59 olympic 410 use?

410 ga

Why your mossberg does not feed and eject low power ammo?

The ammo does not generate enough gas to operate the action.

How old is a Marlin lever action 38-w rifle with the serial 21171 and is there a value range?

the serial number 21171 would be from late 1888, the 38W stands for 38winchester also known as a 38-40 caliber. this gun will be either a late model 1888 marlin with top shell ejection, or a very early 1889 model with side ejection, also the model 1889 would be marked marlin safety on top of the reciever. in either case this is a antique black powder cartridge firearm and should not be shot with modern smokeless powder ammo, due do stronger ammo pressures and weaker steel that was used in the guns of this period.

What is the best ammo for hunting with a Marlin 30-30?

Read your manual, or request a free catalog from Marlin. Factory load is always what they recommend.