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It depends on what grade level. Hish school usually requires a degree in science. I am a middle science teacher, and i had to get Highly qualified in science (through PRAXIS testing and classes), and have a degree in middle school education. depends on your state!

i would love to be a teacher just would love it

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Q: What kind of an education you need to be a science teacher?
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What kind of education does a science teacher need?

A science teacher in primary or secondary school requires a Bachelor degree in Education from an accredited university, usually accompanying a concurrent Bachelor degree in Science

What kind of education do you need to be a teacher in the US of America?

11.59 :]

Do you need a high school education to be a teacher?

I think you do but it depends on what kind of teacher but i believe you do

What kind of bachelors degree do you need for teaching?

Bachelors of Science in Education.

What kind of education do need to be a construction engineer?

A bachelors of science in engineering.

What kind of education do you need to get involved in political fundraising?

to get involved in the political fundraising you need to get the complete education in the historical science

What kind of training and education do you need to become an administrator for a secondary school?

Ph.D. in Education + many years experience as a classroom teacher

What kind of education do teachers need?

teacher need four year college degree and they need training so that they can teach the student

What kind of education do biologist need?

It woul be mostly sience so if you want to be an biologist you need to be good at science.

What do you need to study to be a science teacher?

you need one of two things, you can do an education degree specialising in science e.g basic science, or degree in any science then post graduate studies in education.A few years of college and a diploma

I need to find a song that represents my really tacky science teacher who is very random and weird?

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What kind of education do you need for jobs in a laboratory?

The kind of education you would need to work in a laboratory would be Science,Chemistry and Biology but you must know your stuff well enough to work in a lab

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