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lizards are carnivore because they eat insects

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What kind of animal is a lizard classified as?


What kind of animal is a iguanas?

Reptile...its a kind of lizard and lizards are reptiles.

What kind of desert animal will come out during the day?


What kind of animal is a thorny devil?

It is a type of Australian lizard.

On Animal Crossing Wild World what kind of animal in Dr Shrunk?

He is a frilled lizard.

Is a lizard an animal?

yes a lizard is an animal

What kind of animal ita tale comes off when its running?

a lizard

Is lizard a kind of dinosaur?

No. Lizards and dinosaurs are separate groups of animal.

What kind of animal is a chameleon?

A chameleon is a reptile, more specifically, a lizard.

What kind of animal lizard or dragons the komodo dragon?

the komodo dragon is a monitor.

What kind of animal lives in a dry dusty place and survives by comouflage?

a lizard

Is a lizard an animal or an insect?

A lizard is an animal. Specifically lizards are reptiles.

What kind of consumer is lizard?

A lizard is a carnivore, and yes, a consumer. Plant's are producers and everything that eats them, or eats the animal that ate them, or so on, is a consumer.

What type of animal is a lizard?

Lizard is a reptile.

How do you take of a lizard?

what kind of lizard?

Opposite of lizard?

A lizard is a living animal - it does not have an "opposite".

What group is lizard in?

A lizard is reptile in the animal kingdom.

What kind of lizard is on Jessie?

Monitor lizard

Is a lizard a animal?

Technically yes. It is an reptile which is an animal. Its also a descendent of dinosaurs, which means large lizard.

What is the name of a baby lizard animal?

A baby lizard is called a "hatchling". A male lizard is a Bull and a female lizard is a Cow.

Which is a animal which have no hair?


How long can a lizard run?

it depends what kind of lizard?

What kind of lizard can walk on water?

Jesus lizard

Is a python a kind of lizard?

A python is a snake, not a lizard.

What kind of lizard has fans on the sides of its head?

Frilled lizard.