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An example of animals that you would find in Alaska are polar bears, fish or walrus and other animals.

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What kind of animals are there in Alaska?

Caribou, Moose, Bear, fish, birds, insects, whales,

Are there endangered animals in Alaska?

Yes, there are endangered animals in Alaska.

What animals in Alaska reproduce the fastest?

The animals that reproduce the fastest are deer bears and foxes in Alaska

What animals were important to the Tlingit tribe of Alaska?

Animals such as fish, seals, and otter were important to the Tlingit tribe of Alaska.

How many types of animals are in Alaska?

Actually many types of animals like wolves and those race dogs are in Alaska

What kind of soil does Alaska have?

the good kind

What kind of animals can you see from your cruise ship in Alaska?

It would depend on how you would travel to Alaska. If you would be traveling with big cruise ships, you wont be able to see much of Alaska, you should opt for smaller vessels, like the cruise ship Sikumi. It can bring you to great places in Alaska.

What kind of food is in Alaska?

It is a major seafood baked Alaska

What kind of snakes live in Alaska?

There is actually no snakes in Alaska

What do animals eat in Alaska?


What animals migrate in Alaska?


Can you name 6 bearing animals in Alaska?

Bearing animals in Alaska: Bears Beaver Bobcat Coyote Fox Nutria Rabbits

How many animals are in Alaska?

There are thousands of animals that reside in the state of Alaska. These include black bears, wolves, caribou, bison, and polar bears.

Native animals in Alaska?

Arctic fox

How many different animals are in Alaska?


What animals are native to Alaska?

There are many animals that are native to Alaska. Some of these include brown bears, polar bears, moose, caribou, and mountain goats.

What kind of food do people in a Alaska eat?

salmon and baked Alaska PS: Ive been to Alaska before

What kind of natural disasters does Alaska have?

Alaska is prone to blizzards, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

What season do female animals have babies in Alaska?


Are mink fur bearing animals in Alaska?

no they doesn't.

What are the animals in Alaska?

Some animals that inhabit Alaska are the black bear, polar bear, lemming, moose, pike, salmon, wolves, eagles, and albatross. There are over 1000 species of animals classified as vertebrates alone.

What kind of animals do they have in Mauritius?

what kind of animals liver in Mauritius

What are some animals that live in Alaska?

Some of the animals that live in Alaska are whales, Kodiak bears, moose, wolves, caribou, polar bears and ptarmigans, just to name a few.

What kind of Water is in Alaska?

cold water

What kind of eagles are in Alaska?

Bald Eagles.

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