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A tennis ball

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Q: What kind of ball is best for fetch?
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What is the best kind poke ball to have other than the master ball?

The ultra ball

Playing fetch with your dog on Fable 2?

To play fetch with your dog you need a rubber ball. Then go to your expression menu and the "dog" section. Choose "fetch" and you will toss a ball that your dog fetches, extending the expression throws the ball further.

What is a sentence using the word fetch?

Than the protocol is used to fetch unwanted email lists. Fetch it jimmy boy, bring that rubber ball here to me, fetch it.

What is a sentence for the word to fetch?

My dog refuses to fetch the ball.Fetch me my slippers, please.

What is the value of a baseball signed by the 1998 Cleveland Indians team?

If offered to a baseball collector, this kind of ball cold fetch up to $1,000 or more.

What is the best bedding for ball python?

Aspen snake bedding is the best bedding for any kind of ball python, do not get sand, it will kill them.

What is the difference between fetch and catch?

Fetch means "go and bring back." Catch means "grab ball when thrown."

Job for you and your friend with animals?

you can play ball with them or fetch or something like that

How old are the tennis people that fetch balls?

The 'people who fetch the tennis balls' are called ball boys and ball girls. The ball boys and ball girls are usually under 18 years old, with some being as young as 10 or 12 and others being as old as 16.

Do Siberian Huskies play fetch?

i have three Siberian huskies at home and they all love to fetch all though it takes some time for them to learn to bring the ball back they will fetch it forever

What is a 5 letter sport?

Rugby, Track, Dance,T-ball, fetch

What do they call the people in tennis that fetch the ball after it hits the net or goes out?


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