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The spelling bee.

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Q: What kind of bee is the smartest?
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What is the smartest kind of bee?

A spelling bee.

What kind of bee is a red and black bee?

no kind of bee. its probably a wasp Buggy

What kind of dog is the smartest?

i personally think that either boarder collies or poodles are the smartest dog in the

What kind of bee makes honey?

the honey bee

What kind of bee is completely black?

bumble bee

What kind of symbiotic relationship does a bear and a bee have?

The kind of symbiotic relationship that a bear and a bee has is that a bee makes honey and the bear eats it.

What kind of bee looks like a cross between a honey bee and bumble bee?

== ==

What kind of bee is black with white stripes?

bumble bee

What kind of bee is born in may?

May bee I know.

What kind of bee is a black bee with?

I don't know but I want it answered!

What kind of big bee flies around plants?

If it is bigger than a honey bee, it will be a bumble bee.

What kind of bee is a big orange fuzzy bee?

A blonde bee has a big orange, fuzzy body. The blonde bee is twice the size of the average honey bee.

What kind of bee makes milk?

A boo-bee.(Yes, this is a joke Q/A.)

What kind of bumble bee has a rust or red colored butt?

queen bee

What kind of bee can't make up it's mind?

A may bee!

What rhymes with artist?

smartest . . . Depends on what kind of rhyme you want If you want slant rhymes, then you have plastic, class-trip, smartest, last-list and so on and on

What kind of radiation do you think a bee sees?

A bee sees ultraviolet light..Your welcome.

What kind of bee can you toss riddle?

You can toss a frizz bee! Actually, what you can toss is a Frisbee.

What kind of bee has Orange and yellow stripes?

The Orange Belted Bee. Common to the Northern U.S.

What kind of bee lays eggs in dead carcases?

A variety of stingless bee, trigona hypogea.

What kind of bee stings?

female bees

What kind of fish rhymes with lee?


What kind of insect rhymes with see?


what kind car?

is it a super bee, GTX or what

What kind of bug has wings and a stinger like a scorpion?

A bee. A bee has wings and a stinger like a scorpion.