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it could be a Brown Prioia and its scientific name is Ortosomo Brunnem

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Q: What kind of beetles are small dark brown and have a light brown stripe?
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What is a small brown spider with a silver stripe on its back?

If you look on the back it mite have a small violin mark where the eyes are. If it does, the its a brown recluse spider do not touch!

What type of bug is small black with a brown stripe across the middle of the body?

larder beetle

How do you know if a wooly bear is a boy or girl?

You can by looking at their stripe of brown and seeing if it is big or small.

What kind of spider is Small brown smooth spider with one white stripe down its back?

I think it is white tail spider

A small light blue and brown egg?


What small animal is light brown has no tail?


Why do allele frequencies change in a genetic drift?

Because genetic drift is a totally random process. Think of a small population of beetles. Dominant brown and recessive green. Brown much larger than green in population. The usual background of vegetation and whatnot favors brown beetles, but something happens and the environment changes to favor the color green against it. Predators start taking more brown beetles and the alleles of green beetles are changing in frequency just because of this random change in background color.

What are small beetles that live in the woods and make ticking sounds?

click beetles

What feeds on beetles?

Birds or small animals and lizards often feed on beetles.

What color are bourbon red turkey eggs?

Light brown (tan) with small dark brown spots.

What colour are partridge eggs?

the partridge egg is a light brown with a few small speckles of a darker brown

What small bird that was seen in a shrub has brown with a yellowish underbelly and a little bright red stripe right on the top of its head?

I believe this to be a ruby crowned kinglet...

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