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What kind of birth control pill clears skin as well?


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Dear Reader; The pill of choice for acne is the one designed for daily use. You will find more then one name from different manufactures. Contraceptives can cause dark spots on the skin which can be made darker by sun light. I did not find the pill mentioned as a treatment for any other skin problems at this time. As usual read and follow directions and check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are using other medications. Dwight


ALL birth control pills (hormone altering) and also HRT (also a derivative of birth control pills)to help with the symptoms of menopause heighten the estrogen level in women and often will clear up skin or make a woman look a few years younger. Having gone through menopause naturally after learning what HRT can do (as well as birth control) such as increasing heart attacks, blood clots and breast cancer I'd rather have a few spots on my face or look my age then risk the other side effects.

I use Estelle and it helps my skin more than any other antibiotic acne treatment I've tried. It's helps both the spots and the oil balance. You must be patient for the results though, it can take up to 2 months to take affect.