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What kind of body language and dress to better MANAGE a narcissist? HUH!?!?!?

YOU ARE BEING CONTROLLED. Even if you have broken up, if you are changing ANYTHING about yourself, they are STILL in control of you!

You can't "manage" a narcissist. You can only get away from them and free yourself from the web that you are caught in.

Cease all contact with this person.

AnswerUntil you realise and accept the fact that nothing you do can change or improve this type of person you will stay stuck in their web. Its freedom to throw your hands in the air and admit you can do nothing and move on. Its at that point you don't take it personal. Why would you want to change yourself for anyone? AnswerNarcissists mould the person they have chosen to 'be with'. Accordingly you will find that your body language and dress style will reflect what they desire anyway. The N I was with sometimes bought me clothing or jewellry and they represented how he wanted me to be seen. I was often told what to wear when we went out...usually his selections were sexy, promiscuous-looking outfits that caused a lot of men to stare or make comments to me which would give the N a reason to tell some guy off. My body language was curtailed...I was not allowed to openly show my affection and I was always 'advised' on how to do certain tasks so my expressions became limited and confined...I was not able to express myself either through body language or dress. You will never manage an N by these expressions but they will be happy with themselves for the great work of art they have AnswerThe N I was with micro-managed my underwear! I find thong underwear uncomfortable and don't wear them. However, I do own a pair. It had been in the back of my underwear drawer forever, forgotten. One day, I was behind in my laundry and had no clean underwear except for that one pair of pesky thongs. So having no other clean underwear, I wore the thongs. When N noticed the thongs he asked, "Did you wear those for me?" Without thinking, I answered honestly that I had no other clean underwear. I thought it was funny. He was furious and went off on me. How could I wear a pair of thongs when I had told him I didn't like them, and I knew he liked them but I only wore them because of my lack of clean laundry, without thinking about his feelings? Was I a liar, a tease, and insensitive *%^#@? We had a ridiculous argument about it. It was ludicrous and humiliating and according to him -- all my fault. What a jerk.
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Q: What kind of body language and dress style should one employ to better manage a narcissist?
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