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What kind of bomb was thrown at Archduke Franz Ferdinand?


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The first assassin threw a hand grenade and it bounced off of the Archduke and into the next car. The next day Princip used a semiautomatic pistol to kill the Archduke and his wife.

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a grenade thrown by Nedjelko Cabrinovic

The archduke and his wife were driving in a parade in Sarejevo, Bosnia. Someone threw a bomb at the car and missed. Then, a man by the name of Princip shot them both.

He was shot by a teenage vagrant, Gavrilo Princip, an inadequate character who had been rejected by the army and several terrorist groups, and wanted to prove that he could kill. Some of his colleagues had also tried to kill the Archduke that day. One of them had thrown a bomb, which missed, and the angry Archduke told his aide to change the route. But the message did not reach the chauffeur, and in the confusion, the car stalled on a street-corner. Princip saw his chance, and shot the Archduke and Archduchess, who died within the hour.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was killed on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo by a nineteen-year-old Serbian nationalist named Gavrilo Princip. The assassination itself was coordinated by Danilo Ilić, a member of the Black Hand, a secret society with the primary goal of unification of the Slavic nations. Princip was actually a last resort to assassinated the Archduke. Nedeljko Čabrinović, who was to bomb the Archduke's motorcade, but failed to do so.

He was killed by Gavrilo Princip who shot Franz and his wife Sophie and Nedeljko Čabrinović actually threw the bomb in the first attempt hope this helps :) xxx

Their were ten members in the Black Hand on the first attempt to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand with a bomb. A member jumped into a river thinking it was deep but not then took a drug to try and kill himself but didn't work. Hope this helps.

The black hand, a Serbian group, decided to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The assassination does not appear to be 'ordered', which would imply that a command was given and a different person or persons would then carry out the assassination attempt. The initial attempt was a tossed bomb which was deflected by the Archduke and left the royals uninjured. After the bungled attempt, the vehicle driver made a wrong turn and drove past a deli where one of the conspirators (Gavrillo Princip) had gone after the bungled attempt. Gavrillo Princip was an expert marksman and was armed with a .22 Browning Pistol and fired two rounds killing each of his targets. See the below links for more information pertaining to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

Nedeljko Čabrinović, one of the six Black Hand members attempting to assassinate Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, swallowed a cyanide pill after failing to blow-up Ferdinand's car with a bomb.Čabrinović's luck was terrible on June 28, 1914: The bomb bounced off the back of Archduke Ferdinand's convertible and rolled under the next car in the motorcade, detonating and wounding 20 people; Čabrinović quickly swallowed his cyanide pill and jumped into the Miljacka River, but the river was only a few inches deep at that point, and the cyanide only induced vomiting. The police quickly captured Čabrinović, but allowed the crowd of onlookers to beat him before taking him into custody.Of course Franz Ferdinand's luck was much worse that day. Gavrilo Princip shot him in the neck and killed him about 35 minutes later.

The official cause of World War 1 is usually listed as the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He and his wife Sophie were fatally shot by Gavrilo Princip (a previous assassination attempt involved the throwing of a bomb, which is not technically a gun shot), and these shots may be considered those which started the War.

Yes. A man tried to blow him up, but when he threw the bomb, he missed the car. Then, on the same day, the car with Franz Ferdinand in was revercing up a side street, and the man who wanted to kill him was in a cafe along the side street, So he went outside, and shot him.

June 1941 The Archduke and his wife were going to Sarajevo, Serbia for an official visit of the city hall. When he got to the City Hall, Gabrinovic or Cabrinovic, who threw a bomb only to see it bounce off the Archduke's car and explode near the following car. When the ceremonies finished, Ferdinand and Sophie got back into their car. When they were driving back, they had to stop allowing Princip shoot them both, killing them.

It was the assassination of the Habsburg heir, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, by Bosnian Serbs, as a protest against Austrian rule. The success of this plot was quite accidental. A disorganised amateur group of teenagers had planned the assassination, but they had managed only to throw one bomb that missed its target. As a result, the Archduke ordered a change of route, but the chauffeur didn't hear him. In the confusion, the car halted on a corner, where one of the conspirators, who was armed with a pistol, saw the stationery vehicle and fired his weapon, killing Franz Ferdinand and his wife. The Austrians took this as a mortal insult, and Germany urged them to take a tough line against Serbia. Russia felt it ought to mobilise in support of its Slav brethren, and the whole bluffing game went on for a few disastrous weeks until Britain finally declared war on Germany.

The first atomic bomb(Little Boy) was thrown over Hiroshima ( 6 Aug,1945).President Harry S. Truman of USA ordered to do so.

I did this stuff only briefly at school about 30 years ago so I am open to being corrected. The assasination of Archduke Ferdinand who was the Austrian -Hungary leader. He was assassinated by a Serbian assasin, I believe the first attempt failed which was a bomb thrown at his carriage and the chap who threw it jumped into a river. (the bomb didn't explode and he was arrested) but another assasin shot the Archduke. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and Germany backed them. The UK, France, Russia and others then declared war on Au-Hun and Germany. I do believe that Japan actually declared war on Germany as well, but I might be wrong. I'm sorry I'm very rusty on this subject but hope it's of some help.

A group of Serbian terrorists believed that Bosnia should have been part of Serbia and not the Austria-Hungary empire. They plotted to murder the Emperor's nephew (and heir) Archduke Franz Ferdinand when he visited Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia. It did't work. As the Archduke was driving through the city to the Town Hall, one of the terrorists threw a bomb at the car. It bounced off, his another car and injured several people. The terrorists present tried to commit suicide, first by swallowing cyanide (which didn't work), then jumping into the river (which turned out to be about five inches deep, thanks to the summer weather). They were soon hauled out by an angry mob. The other would-be assassins (including Princip) missed their chance. The Archduke went to the Town Hall as he had planned, where he was greated with a warm welcome, but decided to leave the city. As he was being driven away, the driver made a wrong turn and ran into Gavrilo Princip outside a food shop.

Someone aimed a rifle at him and discharged the weapon subsequently killing him. I may not know how it started but I think we should think about what it started. First World War :( __ The plot to assassinate the Archduke started with the Black Hand. Originally they were going to kill the Governor but changed to the Archduke. A number of young men were recruited and a plan to bomb the Archduke was hatched. The assassination attempt failed. The actual killing was a spur of the moment act. Princips (one of the conspirators) was walking to a deli after the assassination attempt failed. In one of those weird coincidences in life, the Archduke's motorcade took a wrong turn. When the driver braked to backup, Princips found himself facing the Archduke and his wife. He pulled out his 1910 semi-automatic pistol (not a rifle) and fired 2 fatal shots. Ferdinand and his wife were both hit. Sophie died in the vehicle. His last words were "Sophie, Sophie! Don't die! Live for our children!" and he died about 15 minutes later.

Fragments of a bomb, shell, or other object thrown out by an explosion

Unable to answer question without knowing yield. A hydrogen bomb can have practically any yield.

The only weapon I can imagine this referring to was Greek fire. It was hardly an atom bomb, however. In one form it was an incendiary bomb that could be thrown by a catapult. In another, it was a flame thrower.

The two bombs were dropped from B-29 airplanes, not thrown.

Franz Ferdinand and his wife1st bomber was to scared and so was the second the third threw his bomb bounced out of the hood a injured a man behind the archduke he ran into the river tried to kill himself didn't do it quick enough later died in jail after that the archduke told the driver different directions the driver took the wrong turning and stopped to turn then gavrilo pricip got out his revolver and shot the archduke and his wife then Austria wanted someone to blame so they declared war on Bosnia Russia were good friends of Bosnia and said they'd help so Germany declared war on Russia France didn't like this so they said they help so Germany attacked France through Belgium Britain promised they'd help Belgium if they gt into war and the declared war on Germany

Aerosol has fumes that are very flammable. Throwing it into a fire, that is creating a bomb, literally.

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