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Chlorine can form both ionic and covalent bonds. For example:-

  • NaCl- Here bond between chlorine and Sodium is ionic.
  • HCl- Here bond between Hydrogen and Chlorine is covalent.
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What kind of bond exists between carbon atom and chlorine atom?

Covalent bond exists between a carbon atom and a chlorine atom.

What kind of bond occurs when an atom of sodium joins an atoms of chlorine to form sodium chloride?

An ionic bond. A metal bonding with a non-metal will always give you an ionic bond.

What kind of bond does chlorine and carbon forms?

Carbon and Chlorine form polarized covalent bonds

Can every atom form each of these kind of bonds?

Helium doesn't form any kind of chemical bond. Every atom has its specialty, they don't form every type of bond.

What kind of bond is between calcium and chlorine?

Calcium and chlorine form a salt, calcium chloride, which has ionic bonds.

What kind of bond does sodium chloride and chlorine make?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) does not react with chlorine. The bond between sodium and chlorine atoms to form sodium chloride is ionic. The sodium ion loses one electron to the chlorine atom, forming a Na+ ion and a Cl- ion. The electrostatic attraction between the two oppositely charged ions forms the ionic bond.

What kind of chemical bond will be formed between atom a and atom b if atom a loses electrons and atom b gains these electrons?

An ionic bond will form. Covalent bond, however, is when the two atoms share electrons when they bond.

What kind of bond would chlorine make?

Chlorine can form both ionic and covalent bonds, with metals and non-metals respectively.

Can every atom form every type of bond?

Theoretically, in extreme conditions, every atom can form every type of bonds. Generally, atoms tend to bond each other by releasing the most possible energy. The lower the energy of the bond is the more stable.

What kind of bond is made between a carbon atom and a hydrogen atom?

The kind of bond made between a carbon and hydrogen atom is a covalent bond.

How sodium and chlorine atoms react with each other to form a compound what kind of bond is formed?

Sodium and Chlorine form an ionic bond. The Sodium(Na+) is the cation which gives one electron to the anion Chlorine(Cl-) which accepts the electron. This ionic bond is weak however, and it's usually soluble in water.

When Sodium and Chlorine bond what kind of bond is this?

Ionic Bond (between metals and nonmetals)

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