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Though they dissociate into ions in an aqueous solution, a bond between hydrogen and chlorine is covalent.

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What is the hydogen bond?

A hydrogen bond is a type of chemical bond. A hydrogen atom bonds with either a nitrogen, fluorine, or oxygen atom to make a weak bond.

Why is oxygen more electronegative than chlorine?

oxygen is the second highly electronagetivity elements. they make the bond easily then the clorine.....

Why chlorine is not included to make hydrogen bond?

As fluorine, oxygen and nitrogen do, the bond polarity in a -H-Cl bond is not adequate to form hydrogen bonds.

What can form a hydrogen bond?

Oxygen and hydrogen atoms are the only atoms that can make hydrogen bonds

What atoms make water?

2 hydrogen bond and 1 oxygen bond H2O

Can a hydrogen atom make more than one bond?

In terms of gaining, loosing or sharing of electrons Hydrogen cannot make more than one bond but it also makes a bond with hydrogen in some compounds which is a weak interaction between the two atoms known as Hydrogen bonding.

Can hydrogen make a double bond?

No, because hydrogen has only 1 valemce electron.

What is the type of bond cytosine and guanine make?

An H-bond, or known as hydrogen bond. Hydrogen bonds are attractive bonds, very strong but easy to break. Think of it as someone who has a girlfriend(a strong bond, connected) but is attracted to other girls. A hydrogen bond is not as strong as a covalent or ionic bond(a strong bond).

Is ammonia a hydrogen bond?

yes. ammonia is NH3....where nitrogen makes three bonds with hydrogen! so it does make a hydroen boNd! ~5~

What does NaOH make?

It is sodium oxygen hydrogen and ionic bond

Can Hydrogen make bond with alkali metals?

Yes. Hydrogen can bond with the alkali metals to form a metal hydride. But these compounds tend to be reactive and unstable.

How many hydrrogen atoms bond in organic molecules?

It depends completely upon which compound it is. Some have more Hydrogen bonds than others, and hydrogen can only bond to certain elements, such as Nitrogen and Oxygen, to make a hydrogen bond.

Does hydrogen form ionic bonds?

Not all the time; sometimes in compounds such as HCL there is an strong ionic bond but in compounds like CH4 Hydrogen doesn't make an ionic bond but a covalent bond.

What kind of bond does NaCl make?

Sodium chloride has an ionic bond.

Why can a hydrogen bond not form between two hydrogen atoms of neighboring water molecules?

The hydrogen atoms are positioned to far apart by their connection to the oxygen atom for a hydrogen bond to form. In addition, the hydrogen's electron is involved in bonding to the oxygen and so is not available to make another bond.

What type of chemical bonds can atoms make when elements react with each other?

ionic bond covalent bond coordinate covalent bond Hydrogen bond

Why a hydrocarbon atom cannot be bonded with a double bond?

because hydrogen is make only one covalent bond

Why do hydrogen and oxygen bond together to make water?

The oxygen and hydrogen atoms achieve a noble gas configuration when they form a chemical bond, resulting in a stable arrangement of electrons.

What type of bonds can a hydrogen atom make?

A hydrogen atom can make ionic bonds both by losing or gaining electrons and can make covalent bond by sharing the electrons

Does ch4 has hydrogen bond?

It is not a polar compound.It cannot make H bonds

What is stronger hydrogen bonding or triple bonding?

Hi ^ ^ ^ hi isn't a real answer. Hydrogen Bonds and triple bonds are really two different types of molecular bonds. A Hydrogen bond is a bond where Hydrogen is bonded with either Nitrogen, Oxygen or Florine. It is one of the strongest intermolecular forces. A triple bond is formed depending of the electron configuration of a an element or compound and depending on that make up depends how two atoms would combine. so, you can technically have a triple bond that is also a hydrogen bond. But a hydrogen bond is, usually, stronger

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