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What kind of brakes do you need for Saturn 2000 LS?

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Auto Zone, Checker, Pep Boys, NAPA or any other reputable auto parts dealer will sell the appropriate brakes for your Saturn. Note that according to DOT regulations it is illegal to sell any brake or suspension parts that are of inferior quality to the OEM parts. You're actually quite safe if you buy brake parts from a reputable supplier.

AnswerThere are different quality of brake pads available that exceed OEM specs. Some are asbestos free, some are more aggressive resulting in shorter braking disances but worse rotor wear. Some are cheap, some make noise, some include anti-rattle clips, some don't. I have found Bendix to be pretty decent myself. I wouldn't worry a lot about wear into the rotors as they usually need to be changed at the time of the pads anyway. On my vehicles, I never turn or machine them. The shorter the braking distance the better. In short a customer asked a particular in the shop about the worst case scenario. He replied " You went too far when braking, hit a school bus full of kids and had your name plastered in the morning papers".
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What kind of transmission fluid do you need in a 2000 Saturn SC2?

dexron 3 ATF

What tools are needed to replace Saturn brakes?

To replace brakes effectively, you need to know what type of brakes you have. In general, you will need a jack, new brakes, a wrench and Allen wrenches.

What is the wrench size to take off the front brake pads of a 2000 Saturn LS?

to remove the front brakes you need a 7mm hex socket and a 10 mm hex socket

Do you need to disengage emergency brake when changing rear disk brakes on a Saturn SL?

Yes, you do.

What kind of oil does your Cherokee 2000 need?

what kind of oil does my jeep cherokee 2000 need?

Why do the brakes lock up on your 2000 chev venture when you reverse?

It is possible for the brakes to lock up on a 2000 Chevy Venture when in reverse because the brakes are not working properly. Perhaps the brake pads need to be changed.

How do you remove the front drums on a 2000 f-150 4x4?

first you need to check your brakes 2000 vehicles dont have front drums, they have disk brakes

How many quarts of oil does a 2000 Saturn LS2 V6 need?

A 2000 Saturn LS2 with the V6 3.0L engine requires 5.0quarts of engine oil.

Will a 2000 Saturn motor fit in a 2002 Saturn L200?

Saturn made more than one car in 2000 so you will need to be more specific! The s-series motor will not fit in an l series car though if that is what you are asking.

What kind of code reader do you need for a 1994 Saturn?


What size of Allen wrench do you need to take off brakes for ford focus 2000?

You need 7 mm Allen key

What is meant by brake servicing?

Brake servicing can mean a number of things. It can mean your brakes need to be replaced, or they need to fixed up, or simply cleaned. Basically an kind of service involving your brakes.

How often do brakes need servicing?

It depends on the kind of brake pad you buy, but it goes by miles. Some brakes need to be replaced after you have put 10,000 miles on them and some don't need to be changed until 60,000 miles.

How to change the rear brakes of a 2002 Saturn l200?

two 1/4 inch diameter pins need to be driven out (toward the middle of the car)

Why would your ac in your 2000 Saturn SC1 blow hot air?

you might need to refill the freeon

Where is the starter located on a Saturn 2000 SL2?

On the engine block, directly in front of the driver. You need to get to it from underneath.

Do you need any special tools to change the front brakes of a 2000 Silverado Z71?

No special tools needed.

Do the brakes on a bicycle need to stop?

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Installation and cost of brakes?

Brakes are expensive if you need all new brakes. Expect to pay in the hundreds. Depending on your car and how many brakes need servicing.

What size tool do you need to take OFF THE front brakes off 2000 ford focus?

Common mechanics tools.

What kind of tool do you need to take the brake caliper off a 96 Monte Carlo?

As with all brakes, you'll need a wrench or ratchet and socket.

What size rear shoe brakes do you need for a 2000 Mercury Cougar V6 25L?

Call your local Auto Part store.

2000 Honda Accord brake lamp stays on?

It's telling you the brakes need attention. Have a trusted garage check it out now!

Do you need new brakes when your car pulls to the backend when you stop?

yes, i need new brakes

What kind of freon do i need for your Toyota 2000 4 runner?