Skin Cancer

What kind of cancer is skin cancer?


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There are many different types of skin cancer. I suggest you do a search for "different kinds of skin cancer" to find out about all the different types.

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lung cancer, probably skin cancer

skin cancer is damages you skin

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excces of sun rays can give you skin cancer.

nonmelanoma skin cancer, thyroid cancer & colorectal cancers

No. Thankfully Demi Lovato has never had cancer of any kind.

Are you an idiot? Plastic surgery does not cause cancer. Yes, cancer not canser.

It causes skin cancer. It also causes eye cataract.

you have to have skin to get skin cancer

skin cancer is the normal one but this could lead onto others

The nature of skin cancer is that Skin cancer occurs when the skin is overexposed to the sun or ultraviolet rays which damages the skin cells and causes skin cancer. The most common and dangerous skin cancer would have to be Melanoma.

No, drawing on your skin does not cause cancer.

The cancer caused from tanning beds or too much sun is skin cancer.

You can get skin cancer and wrinkles.

the temp.intering into your skin and starts the skin cancer

Powerful UV light will hit earth causing multi kind of skin disease for example skin cancer

the same way any other cancer affects you. skin cancer is just cancer, except it's in your skin.

yes there is a cure for skin cancer

Skin cancer is one of the worst types of cancer. Actually, all cancer is bad. Skin cancer can be caused by not wearing sunblock. Don't get skin cancer too late, because it will be too late for you.

Carcinomas affect your skin and linings of your organs. Example: skin cancer, lung cancer.

it doesnt give you skin cancer, but if you get it a lot, you will eventually ge skin cancer

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