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Q: What kind of carpet that needs raking?
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What kind of carpet needs raking?

leave carpet LOL leave carpet LOL

The carpet in their house needs to be replaced the walls should be repainted?

the carpet in their house needs to be replaced and the walls repainted

Do you write raking leafs or raking leaves?

Raking leaves is the proper English phrase to use.

How much to charge for raking leaves?

Charge by the leaf. No seriously, are you just raking or raking and bagging? For raking charge less than for mowing. For raking and bagging charge the same as mowing-but THEY supply the bags!

How do you use the word raking in a sentence?

i was raking the yard. :)

When was Raking the Ashes created?

Raking the Ashes was created in 2005.

Is raking a noun?

No the word raking is not a noun. It is the present participle of the verb rake.

How often are your suppose to deodorize your carpet?

Whenever you feel it needs it !

Glue used to glue a carpet?

A carpet vinyl glue, the exact kind depends on the carpet, but many examples of these glues in Home Depot.

What kind of pet always stays on the floor?


Who are some of the most popular carpet manufacturers?

When choosing a carpet manufacturer, one would have to consider what type of carpet one needs. Some popular carpet manufacturers are China Manufacturers, Flooring & Carpets, Buy Carpets Online, Online Carpet Store, Belper Carpet & Flooring.

How to Add Value to Your Carpet Cleaning Tools?

Carpet cleaning tools is one of the most number one cleaning tools for all kind of home and commercial carpet cleaning uses. Know about different configuration and features which get better the presentation of the machines. When looking for carpet cleaning equipment, it’s always very important to have a clear idea of what your cleaning needs are. This will make it easier for you to know what kind of accessories you will need. Carpet Cleaning machines are easy to use and need no training or expertise. They give your carpets a deep clean by injecting the cleaning solution and water deep into your carpet fibres, before agitating the carpet and extracting the liquid and dirt.

What kind of carpet cleaning companies are available in Los Angeles, CA?

LosAngeles Carpet cleaning, Carpet cleaners in Los Angeles CA, ... Los Angles Carpet Cleaning will assess the type of carpet you have in your beautiful home.

Can you power a light bulb with a piece of carpet?

Nope, Carpet will generate Static electricity and a light bulb needs AC or DC current.

Why is the carpet in a mosque important?

because that is where people pray and you must pray in a clean place so if you are praying on the carpet it needs to be kept clean coz you wouldn't want to pray on a dirty carpet

When did raking bunkers start?


What is a word for removing leaves?


What does the idiom 'raking in the dough' mean?

"Dough" is slang for money, so you are making money as though you were raking it in from a large pile.

What kind of rash would cause your dog to whine while rubbing on the carpet and shed badly?

none this just means that your dog is extremely itchy from fleas or dirt and needs a good bath

What is the glue on cigarette papers made of?

Carpet glue, the industrial kind.

What kind of food does the carpet snakes eat?

Just about anything with meat on it

Can hermit crabs get caught in carpet?

well it depends what kind of crab.

Did anyone ever made a flying carpet?

no! what kind of dumb question is that!

How do you flatten the carpet on floor that has raised up?

The carpet needs to be stretched back onto tackboard. You can rent one at a home improvement store or hire a pro.

How to clean mohawk carpet.?

You can keep mohawk carpet clean by vacuuming on a regular basis. You can also invest in a carpet cleaner.