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District attorneys are responsible for handling criminal cases. They don't handle federal cases, but act as the prosecutor for a state case.

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Q: What kind of cases do district attorney get?
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What role does the district attorney perform?

The District Attorney is the prosecutor in all criminal cases tried as offenses by the state.

Who tries court cases for the county?

district attorney

What is the role of district attorney?

To handle police cases and to prosecute people.

What does a District Attorney do?

The District Attorney is in charge of prosecution. He/she acts on behalf of the people of the state and don't work on civil cases between two people.

What is the difference between a district attorney and a district public defender?

In criminal cases, the district attorney (or 'state's attorney') represents the interests of the people/citizens, whereas the public defender represents the interests of the accused individual.Added: They are both employees of the State.

What kind of lawyer prosecutes child abusers?

Prosecutors office (District Attorney) Criminal Attorney.

What is the role of the district attorney?

The district attorney is the prosecuting attorney and represents the state in a criminal case. This person is usually elected, and hires staff to handle the day to day functions of prosecuting criminal cases.

Job description of district attorney?

A district attorney is appointed, and represents a county, city or state. They handle criminal matters, and argue cases in court as well as prosecute criminals.

How do you address an envelope to the district attorney?

To address an envelope to the district attorney, you will put the attorney's name on the envelope. Follow that with District Attorney and then the address.

Which official prosecutes most criminal cases?

The prosecutor's or district attorney's offices most often prosecute the majority of cases.

What kind of cases do district courts handle?

a lot there are many

What is the Office Da's main line of business?

A district attorney (also known by the acronym DA) is found in government settings. A district attorney often works with individuals as well as court cases.

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