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What kind of cave structures stick up from the floor of a cave?

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Stalagmites. Stalactites grow from the ceiling.

They are called stalagmites because they mightreach up your belly button. That is a pun to help you remember it.

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What kind of cave structures hang from the roof of a cave?


What kind of cave structures are connected to the roof and floor of a cave?

I think you are asking about Stalactites and Stalagmites respectively: both precipitations of calcite. If they meet the result is called a Column.

Where can you find a dusk stone in black?

You can find it in Mistralton Cave (Third floor, same floor where you find the legendary pokemon Cobalion, on the ground) and on Route 10 (on the ground), but you can also rarely find it in dust clouds that sometimes appear in every kind of cave.

What kind of landform is Mammoth Cave?

mammoth cave is a cave

What was the first kind of hieroglyphics?

The first kind was with the Egyptians. The first cave paintings were with the cave me.

What kind of home does a wolf live in?

Usually a kind of cave or hole they dig. Usually a kind of cave or hole they dig.

What kind of cave is Vanguard Cave?

Vanguard Cave is a natural sea cave in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.

What kind of structures is produced by convergent evolution?

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In what kind of rock are caves found?

Caves could be found in any type of rock, depending on the definition of 'cave'. Most caves are dissolution structures formed in limestone, a sedimentary rock.

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What kind of tree can be grown in a cave?

Cave structures are divided up into three zone based on the amount of sunlight extending into each. The amount of sunlight in the entrance zone is unmitigated by the overhang of the cave entrance, meaning local plants and wildlife abound. The dark zone in the very back of the cave hosts no sunlight whatsoever and as such no plants can survive there. Some of these are: 1.Mosses. 2.Ferns. 3.Liverworts.

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If You Mean Real life bat then any kind of cave that's not with a lot of people. Vampires find one with 1 or 2 people to feed on in a cave. ALONE.

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An underground river and chemicals formed a kind of hole which later was Mammoth Cave.

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