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Well I've gone to a Baptist church my whole life and I've seen and been at many divorced weddings. The United also accepts these weddings.

AnswerMost churches don't mind. Many churches don't mind. You don't have to publicize that you've been married before. AnswerThat's pretty sad that a church, a place that is supposed to be loving and accepting, is not accepting people that have made mistakes. Gosh, keep looking, maybe you'll find a REAL church. AnswerMost Protestant Churches accept divorced marriages. The Catholic Church does not, the prior marriages must be annulled. AnswerCatholic and Anglican refuse to marry a divorced person. I was married before and my second husband and I decided to get married at an Anglican Church simply because it was closer for most of the guests (many from out-of-town) to come to. They refused and we were married further away in a Protestant Church (I am Protestant.) Answer"Most churches don't mind. Many churches don't mind. You don't have to publicize that you've been married before."


I suggest the person who answered above go and check their facts!!!

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Q: What kind of church will allow divorced people to get married?
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You were married in a church in Ireland and divorced in the UK Can you remarry in a church in Ireland or is a blessing the only option?

No according to the catholic church you should only marry once so if you try to marry again in Ireland in the catholic church they will not allow you to even if you were divorced in England.

Can a divorced man get married in the Catholic Church?

Yes indeed a divorced man can get married in the catholic faith.AnswerThe Roman Catholic Church does not allow marriage after a divorce except when the marriage is annulled.

Can Catholic people get divorced?

The Catholic position is that marriage is a sacrament that is irrevocable and permanent. They do allow an annulment in some cases. Divorced catholics are not allowed to remarry in the church, if they did remarry it would have to be in another church denomination or by a civil ceremony as the new marriage would not be recognized by the Catholic Church.

Can you get married in church if married before?

Some religions are happy to remarry divorced people in Church because:If they were not the partner who wanted the divorce, then it is unfair to not allow them to remarry as everyone deserves a chance to be happyA second marriage in Church shows that the couple are taking their vows seriouslyGod wants everyone to be happyThe Church needs to move into modern times, otherwise people will leave.

How and why did Henry VII break from the catholic church?

Why - because he Catholic church refused to allow him to get divorced in order to marry another woman.

Is the bishop married?

The bible states that bishops should be married. But the catholic church do not allow their fathers, and bishops to get married.

Can a couple get married in a church if they have children?

Most churches will allow this--check the one you want to be married in.

If divorced can you get married again in the Christian Church?

Properly no, unless adultery was involved by the other party, but most churches tend to ignore that part of the Bible.It depends entirely upon the church. The Catholic Church has specific rules about marriages and annulments. If they go through the process, the church will allow them to do so.Other churches vary considerably. Some don't allow it at all. Others have specific rules. Some look at it as that it is God's job to judge, not the people on Earth.

Can a couple get married in the Methodist church if they're not Methodist?

The Methodist Church will allow it. They will meet with the clergy and discuss the ceremony.

Does the catholic church allow re-marriage of divorces?

If divorced, you cannot marry another person in the Catholic church unless the the first marriage is first declared invalid, that is, annulled by the church. Neither can you marry another divorced person unless that person's marriage is annulled. The exception is if you were married the first time by a justice of the peace with no church involvement and both parties were catholic then you can marry in the church after the divorce. Other impediments may apply, so see a priest for a better understanding

What is the Christian attitude to divorce?

God does not like divorces and the christian church will not allow a divorcee to get married for a second time in church.

Why did Edward viii abdicated?

He fell in love with Walace Simpson an American divorced woman and the Church would not allow them to marry.

Are there Unmarried pastors in Africa?

Yes the catholic church in Africa does not allow their fathers and sisters to get married.

Who was Princess Margaret's husband?

Not sure if it was Peter Townsend. No. He would have been her choice, but the politics of royalty and the Church of England would not allow her to marry a divorced commoner. She married Antony Armstrong-Jones who was given the title Earl of Snowden.

Are people baptized in Aglipayan rites accepted by the Roman Catholic Church?

While similar to the Catholic religion, they are not Catholic as they do not accept the authority of the pope and also allow for married clergy.

What is the Church view on Divorce?

Catholic ChurchThe Catholic Church believes that people cannot get divorced, as they believe that once you are married you have sworn an oath to God, saying that you love that person and will stay with that person as long as you shall live. You have committed yourself to that one person and that you cannot go back, as you had sworn an oath to God.Church of EnglandIn the Church of England, they believe that you can divorce people and marry again. This is mainly due to the fact that Henry VIII wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn. However, the Catholic Church would not allow him so he made his own one, where you get divorced. Nobody has changed the rule since.

Can vicars get married?

Yes they can - and I know this from experience as I am married to a vicar! In the Anglican Church both men and women can become vicars, and can get married. My wife has been a vicar in two parishes. Our latest parish also has a Methodist minister, who is female and married. In our first parish there was a Baptist minister - and he was married too. Most, if not all, Protestant churches allow their clergy to marry. The two main denominations that do not allow their clergy to marry are some parts of the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. However, in the RC church there are some campaigns to allow clergy to marry. In England this had a lot of publicity after the Church of England agreed to allow women to become priests (and hence vicars) with the first ordained in the 1990s. A small number of Church of England clergy, opposed to women's ministry, 'defected' to Rome, and, after retraining, became priests in the RC church. Many of these were already married with families (as they were former Church of England vicars) and were still allowed to practise within the RC Church. Many then felt that the celibacy of the priesthood had been breached once-and-for-all, and as there was no divine 'retribution' for such an act, a call for celibacy to be optional in the RC church was made. There have been no decisions either way as yet, but there are still a large number who believe that married RC priests would not only be acceptable but also beneficial to the church.

Can the catholic church annul an Anglican marriage?

It depends what you mean by Anglican. While the mainline Anglican sects do not grant ecclesiastical annulments, some orthodox Anglican sects do. ECUSA does not require an annulment, but in order to be married in an Episcopal church you must have the permission of the bishop . The Church of England does not have an annulment process, and does not allow divorced persons to marry in the church.To answer the question - yes, the Roman Catholic Church grants annulments for non-Roman Catholic marriages. For example, possible converts to Roman Catholicism who have divorced and remarried would need an annulment for their first marriages - they could not be received into the church until they had received annulments because they would be bigamists in the eyes of the church.

Can I get married with my brother?

Depends on where you live. In some pats of the world they only allow people be married to non-family.

How old do you have to be if your parents are divorced and you live in pa?

How old to do what? There is no legal requirement that a married couple allow their child to reach a certain age before a divorce may be granted.

Why does the Catholic Church allow married clergy from other religions to become Catholic priests?

1. They don't. If a married clergy member of another religion wishes to be a part of the Catholic clergy they may become deacons, not priests. Deacons are defined as the servants of the servants of God (Priests). You can be married when becoming a Deacon, however if you are not married before becoming a Deacon you cannot get married after the fact. Many people may confuse the two, but these jobs are very different. ---- 2. The above answer is incorrect. The Catholic Church has (and does) by special permission allow certain Anglican and Orthodox married priests who convert to Catholicism to serve as Catholic Priests.

Can you get married in the church in WA and refuse to get legally married?

It will not be recognized as a marriage for legal purposes, which means the spouse doesn't get the benefits of being married. Without a marriage certificate there is no health insurance, no joint filing of taxes, no inheritence or property rights. The church probably won't allow it either, they have to obey the law as well.

What are wedding bands?

Wedding *bands* is another way of saying wedding rings. Are you referring to the publishing of "Banns"? This is where the intention to marry is announced in your local church. The idea is that people in the church would know whether you can get married or not (say you're still married to someone else, or something silly like that). In Ontario, publishing the Banns will allow you to waive the Marriage licence fee (at least it did 3 years ago when i got married.)

How many divorced people marry and divorce again?

It depends where you are referring to. There are religions that prohibit divorce, some allow them

Can a Baptist preacher perform a wedding in a Methodist church?

Yes as long as both pastors are in agreement and the congregation of the Methodist church will allow it. Each church is different about how their facility can be used by other people that are not members of the church.

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