What kind of clothes do people in Dominica?

Answer 1

Depending on what part of Dominican Republic like in some parts they wear regular clothes like they do in the United States other places they were like costumes 

Answer 2

Well Dominican fashion has a high influence by United States fashion (especially Miami and Los Angeles fashion). Since Dominican Republic is a tropical country year round they use lightweight fabrics in clothing. In the streets they wear normal casual clothing; jeans, short sleeve t-shirts, button-down short sleeve shirts, and a casual shoes or slip-ons. 

During the winter temperatures my drop down to like 70F and the nights (even the days) can be chilly or windy so a nice lightweight hoodie could come in handy. 

On the beach women usually wear two piece swimsuits with enough coverage. Tiny bikinis can be acceptable but you can get different reactions. One piece swimsuits are used as well but there more popular to older and plus-size women. Dominican men have the same idea as USA men, board shorts are the most common. Brief (AKA speedo), bikini or any tight or very short type swimsuits are very uncommon due to they think those type or suits are for homosexuals. Thongs and g-strings are socially unacceptable in both sexes due to Dominicans are very family oriented and they wouldn't like their children around a man or a woman with a thong or g-string on. 

At nightclubs Dominican women usually wear a cocktail dress that is not too formal and high heels, over-formality at night-clubs is seen as tacky or ridicules by Dominicans. Some women wear a flashy blouse (sometimes a bit provocative) a pair of paints and high heels. Dominican men usually wear long sleeve shirts, a pair of pants, a belt and dress shoes. Some young men wear the same but instead of just normal pants they sometimes wear skinny leg pants (but not super tight)