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What kind of college should you attend to become an accountant?

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Any college that offers a degree in accounting. Accounting courses are typically taught in the College of Business in a university. To become a Certified Public Accountant, you need a degree and experience before applying to take the exams.

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Most colleges require college algebra and stats as a requirement. However, you should go to your college counselor to see what classes you should take to become an accountant.

The best class to take is Accounting. You should also take Bookkeeping, Auditing, and Financing classes as well. They will all help you become the best accountant you can be.

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Truly you don't even need to go to college to be an accountant. Anyone can be one, there is no rules to say if you are or are not. But that's the same with a builder, anyone can be one although it does not guarantee that you are a good one. To be a good accountant you should look up subjects requirements for CA or CPA qualification entrance and do those because then you will be a chartered or certified accountant and be more legit.

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In order to be an account in the United States you must be a CPA. Being a CPA means that you have a degree from an accredited college/university and have passed the Certified Public Accountant exam. There are other categories of accountants, but each one has it's own qualifying exams which need to be passed before someone can become an accountant.

A minimum of 5 CXC Subjects including Mathematics, English ,Priinciples of Accounts as compulsory and any other two subjects. Then you can go To ACCA or ICAJ to further your studies and become a certified Accountant or Charterred Accountant.

you should be a C.A(chartyer accountant) to become a certified financial planner.

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If you want to be a tax accountant, then you should be sure to attend finance school. There are plenty of accountants who do not take time to attend school, but they are never respected as much by the community and potential clients. Clients have a tendency to distrust tax accountants. However, if you attended a reputable business or finance school, then this will bolster your chances of building a strong network of clients. Clients will be more inclined to refer your services to other clients in the area. You should also inquire about scholarship opportunities at a local finance school.

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