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Egyptians grew crops such as wheat, barley, vegetables, figs, melons, pomegranates and vines.They also grew flax which was made into linen.

The most important crop was grain. The ancient Egyptians used grain to make bread, porridge and beer.

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What did the Ancient Egyptians use to move the water from the Nile River to their crops?

The ancient Egyptians used a device called a shaduf to irrigate their crops.

What kind of soil did the Ancient Egyptians have?

They had black rich soil which made it easy to grow crops and plants.

What did the Egyptians depend on for their survival?

Ancient Egyptians depended on the Nile flooding which irrigated their crops.

What kind of crops did the Egyptians produce?


What did ancient egyptians peasants do?

They worked in the fields producing crops

What two crops were planted by the ancient egyptians?

Barley & Wheat

Why was it easy for the Egyptians to grow crops?

Ancient Egyptians used irrigation to control flooding/ watering.

Why was flooding so important to the ancient egyptians?

The yearling flooding was important to the ancient Egyptians because it helped them know when to plant their crops.

What items did ancient Egyptians trade for?

Ancient Egyptians traded for iron, copper, horses, spices, and cattle.

What did the Ancient Egyptians do with their crops?

The Ancient Egyptians did many things with their crops. With many of them, such as wheat barley, beans, onions, and others were used for cooking and food. But there were also some crops that were used for other purposes, such as flax, which was made into linen, and helped make clothing.The Egyptians had built a shadouf to increase their production of crops.

Why did silt help the ancient Egyptians?

It helped the egyptians soil be rich so their crops could grow.

What did the farmers is ancient Egypt grow?

The ancient Egyptians grew wheat and other crops during their time

How did ancient Egyptians get their food?

By hunting animals, farming animals, and farming crops.

What were the main two crops that were grown by the Ancient Egyptians?

maze, wheat or corn.

Was Geb important to the Ancient Egyptians?

yes because he provided crops and a healer

How did the ancient egyptians get water to their crops when there wasn't enough rain to water them?

irrigation ;)

What is the event that made it possible to make ancient egyptians grow crops?


What do the ancient Egyptians grow?

The Ancient Egyptians grew many crops. Some are wheat, barley, and vegetables. Also, they grew papyrus, which they then used to make paper.

What kind of government did Ancient Egyptians have?

a monarchy.

How did the sesonal changes to the Nile river effect the lives of the ancient egyptians?

the seasons affect the Egyptians as the seasons tell the Egyptians when to harvest, plant and store the crops and if it its a good season there will be more crops if its a bad season then they would get less crops hope this helps

How did Ancient Egyptians harvest their crops?

MAZE-- aka cornWheat

How did the ancient Egyptians adjust to flooding?

Ancient Egyptians needed the floods to irrigate crops. Egyptians would measure the water with a nilometer so people upstream would be aware of how much water was coming.

How did the Nile river help the ancient Egyptians develop as a well governed civilization?

The ancient Egyptians develop as a well governed civilization because it helped water crops

How did the ancient Egyptians use water?

They used the Nile River water to irrigate their crops.

How did ancient Egyptians change the environment of the Nile River to grow more crops?

i have no clue