What kind of damage should you anticipate in a used car with a salvage title?

Depends on what the salvage title was issued for. Some are for damaged vehicles that were totalled by insurance companies..... Others are from mechanic's leins because customers did not pay the mechanic...... And others are because the owner forfeited the vehicle to the police because of a DUI, some vehicle impounding or abandoned vehicle. A salvaged title could mean anything from a bumper that was damaged so much that once it was resold it had to be salvaged to a car almost being totaled and has a frame that is welded big time. If you have a specific vehicle in mind, try doing a search on the vin number and there are sites that will give you the history of the vechicle. good luck. == Buying a salvage car is the same as buying any used car. Have it inspected by a pro prior to purchase. Things to look for are frame damage, correct bodywork and doors that open and close properly and don't leak. A carfax is helpful but the info can be delayed or incomplete so don't bank on it. Run the VIN thru your local DMV to make sure the car is titled to the person selling it, too!

I have purchased 2 salvage/reconstructed cars and they've both been great values and excellent cars. Older salvage vehicles are safer bets than new ones since it doesn't take much to total a car that's only worth $4000. A newer car that's been salvaged could have sustained over $15K in damage and that's major! Think about this: a new car is rear ended and sustains $5000 in damage; it gets to keep its clean title. An eight year old car with the same damage would end up with a salvage title. Same damage, different title. A clean title, therefore, does not mean a clean title, it just means the car was worth enough money when it was damaged. A clean title does not mean a clean car. At least a salvage title is honest about its prior damage! Lesson: Never buy a newer salvage car and never trust a newer used car to be clean. Have every used car you buy inspected by a pro and if it checks out ok and the price is right buy it! Keep in mind that reconstructed/salvage cars are worth 40% less that comparable clean titled cars so don't pay too much!