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What kind of discharge is to be expected when you're pregnant?

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A heavier whitish thin mucousy discharge can be expected during pregnancy. If you have any odor or itching or alarming color such as brown, red (bleeding), or green get to your doctor ASAP for a checkup it can be an infection, or STD, that can potentially harm your baby!!!

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Do you still produce discharge when you are pregnant?

It depends what kind of discharge you're on about love!

Can a pregnant woman get rid of discharge?

Any kind of discharge is unhealthy. See a doctor.

Im having yellow discharge and im not pregnant?

Contact your doctor. It could be an infection of some kind.

What kind of vaginal discharge is most common if you are pregnant?

Clear, odourless discharge and sometimes a creamy type of dishcharge and lots of it is normal during pregnancy. If you have a smelly or particular coloured discharge it maybe the sign of an infection and worth mentioning to your Doctor.

Would a lot of discharge stop the sperm from causing you to get pregnant?

Depending on what kind of discharge. If the discharge is clear, slippery, and stretches, (resembling egg whites) this is your most fertile time of the month. You have this kind of discharge right at and during ovulation. This is your sperm friendly mucous, it helps the sperm be more mobile and gives it a healthier environment letting it live longer and also enter your cervix. If it is cloudy or white this is not as " sperm friendly".

Could you be pregnant if You had a brown discharge followed by your period that lasted 5 days last month and this month your period seems to be late?

About the brown discharge, you should probably visit a gynecologist because your discharge is a good indicator of your health. Irregular periods are normal, but not if you've been regular your whole life. And lastly, missing your period is frightening, have you had any unprotected sex? If yes, maybe you should check you're not pregnant. If no, then I still think you should visit your gynae about the discharge...

What kind of medicine can you take to get pregnant?

What kind of medicine can you take to get pregnant?

Can you eat vaginal discharge?

Why would you want to eat vaginal discharge. What if it is some kind of infection?

What kind of discharge will you have in early stages of pregnancy?

I have only just found out I am pregnant but have been getting thick White discharge that almost looks yellow to green on the loo role! I researched and apparently this is due to the amount of progesterone your body is producing. Hope that helps :0)

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Your period is delayed by 3 days you have had the PMS symptoms of lower abdomen pain crankiness and had some amount of white discharge you have not had sexual intercourse Could you be pregnant even so?

If your period is only delayed 3 days, it doesn't mean you're pregnant - this kind of thing isn't uncommon. Besides if you haven't had sex, then you're not pregnant.

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Tubes tied 2 years ago. Now i have wattery discharge and cramping. Could i be pregnant?

No I don't think so but maybe a infection of some kind. Go see your OB/GYN.

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HOW DO YOU get rid of brown discharge?

If you have brown discharge, you may need to go to the doctor to get rid of it. You most likely have some kind of yeast infection.

Pain and watery discharge early miscage?

yea i belive so your not suppose to have that kind of discharge. not watery is ther any blood or anything

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Is brown discharge after missing your period a symptom of pregnancy?

Brown discharge after missing your period may be spotting. So if you want a baby there is a good chance that you may be pregnant. If you are not ready for that next time take precautions and use protection. Also keep an eye out for any kind of symptoms and good luck. -Norma Zuniga-

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and cramping with a brown discharge Is this normal?

If it's fairly light, then yes, it's normal. If it starts to get heavier and/or brighter and is painful, go to hospital straight away to get seen by your doctor/midwife/obstetrician. Most women experience some kind of brown-ish discharge during pregnancy.

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