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If you are asking accuracy, then it really depends on the shooter. In the hands of a skilled shooter, you might milk 200 yards plus. The round is considered by most a brush gun and most shots/kills should be held within 100 yards for accuracy and knock down capablity as it isn't a real hard hitter. I mean offense by this as that round has probably killed more deer than any other round in the U.S.

AnswerI agree. We're talking about "effective range" here. A rifle of this caliber can probably propel a bullet 2 miles or so. But, if sighted 2 inches high at 100 yards, the bullet will be 4 to 6 inches low, from line of sight, at 200 yards. You can check the exact trajectory numbers in any reloading manual. That means that on a deer 200 yards distant, you don't have to hold high to account for bullet drop, and still be well within the 18 inch "vital area". That's why you might call 200 yards the "effective" or "point-blank" range of the 30:30 cartridge. By comparison, because of higher velocity, a .308 or 30:06, properly sighted, has a "point=blank" range of 300 yards or so. It's good to remember that the bullet can go a LOT farther than these distances if not stopped by a target. Also, the distance a given marksman can hit a target at depends largely on skill and knowledge of the trajectory of the rifle. The 30:06 was the standard cartridge at the Wimbledon 1,000 yard rifle matches for many years. Answersee the hornady bullets with red tips rise 2 or 3 inches at 100 yards then drop 13 inches at 200 yards
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Q: What kind of distance can you get from a Marlin 336w 30-30?
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