What kind of doctor should you see if you find a small pea sized lump in your temple?

The pediatrician for my 6 month old baby has referred us to a Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)Doctor for this. My baby has a small pea size lump on her right temple. The doctor thinks it is a calcium deposit, but I want to be sure. I was wondering the same thing, except I am the one who just found a lump in my temple and before i read this, i described it to someone as "pea-sized" so i got a little scared to even read this... but i'd really appreciate some answer, I'm getting a little concerned... there's one under my ear too... _tina_ Hi Tina, I have this too - I'm sure it's different for everybody, but in my case it's part of my jaw joint. I saw my doctor about it and he felt it and after a minute asked me to open and close my mouth over and over. Then he made ME feel it and do the same. I could feel it coming and going as I opened and closed my mouth. He went on to explain that the jaw joint is very complex and the lump was actually a little bit of ligament pushing it's way out between the bones. Nothing at all to worry about. He could tell that's what it was because if it was anything else it wouldn't disappear when I flexed my jaw muscles. Hope that helps, but as with all things, best to get it checked. :-)