What kind of dog is a Lab and Greyhound mix?

A lab greyhound mix is a dog that has the coat of a lab combined with the sleek, lean body of a greyhound. These dogs have long backs and long tails. They tend to learn tricks and basic obedience with the eagerness of a labrador but they have the much quieter temperament of a greyhound. Like a greyhound, they frequently have quick short bursts of energy during the day when they want to run at top speed for a good five minutes before they tire themselves out, but unlike a greyhound they, are great off-leash dogs and will come when called. The same can be said for when they're in the presence of little fuzzy animals such as a squirrel or a small fluffy dog. Though lab/greyhound mixes will exhibit strong sight hound instincts, they miraculously can be called back whilst in the middle of a chase. This is fortunate as they are extremely fast.

Although they have webbed toes, lab/greyhounds tend not to like water as they do not have the body fat needed to float very well and find the water cold.

They they tend to be incredibly sweet dogs that for the most part are content to just lie around for a good portion of the day.