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Dragons are creatures of folklore, myth, and the imagination. There are no real dragons.

The following link leads to a list of all Dragon Type Cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

Click "Further Results" for more Dragon Type Mosnters.


well that's real helpful.Anyways, There are these breeds in my knowledge:

The classic European

The Knucker

Frost Dragon



Chinese Lung

Korean Lung

Imperial Lung

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What is a best kind of dragons foe a tattoo?

Dragons that breath fire are the baddest dragons foe a tatoo

Can dragons swim?

It depends what kind of dragon it is. Most dragons canswim, but some can not.

Are people descendants of dragons?

kind of

What kind of pets do the vikings have?


Is it possible that dragons are real?

Dragons do exist, but not the kind of dragons that are in legend. Komodo Dragons live in Asia (i think) and are considered dragons. However, the Komodo Dragon cannot fly or breathe fire like the dragons in legend.

What kind of dragons are there on Skyrim?

The random dragons come in different kinds, depending on your level. The first ones are just called 'Dragon', after that are Blood Dragons, then Frost Dragons, Elder Dragons, then Ancient Dragons. Some dragons have names, these dragons will be one of the types mentioned above.

Did dragons have leaders?

No. Dragons are solitary creatures, even hostile to their own kind, except for mating.

Do komodo dragons eat their own kind?

komodo dragons can eat their ownkind but they perfer not too.

What kind of food did dragons eat?


What kind of animals are dragons?

reptiles. or cats.

What kind of eyes do dragons have?

Very sharp ones.

What sounds do small dragons make?

a kind of squeak

Does dragon really exist in any part of the world?

Dragons of the fire breathing kind sadly do not exist, but on the other hand, there are large lizards which people call ''Dragons'' such as Komodo Dragons. No all of the dragons died

On what kind of day would it be possible to create dragons breath?

You can't create dragons breath unless you're a dragon.

What kind of fruit do water dragons eat?

dragonfruit and watermelon

Komodo dragons prefer what kind of meat?

Rotting Meat

Do bearded dragons need immunizations of any kind?


What kind of lizard only eats plants?

Bearded Dragons

What kind of body covering do komodo dragons have?

They have some scales,and blubber! :)

What do Japanese dragons eat?

Well, I can only assume that they would be carnivoorous, like most dragons. They would eat cattle, humans, (which are simply another kind of meat to them) or any other kind of meat.

What kind of powers do water dragons have?

Water dragons have the ability to breath underwater, breath water, and in some cases are able to turn things into water.

Give you some examples what a myth might be about?

dragons, legends, that kind of stuff...

What kind of animal lizard or dragons the komodo dragon?

the komodo dragon is a monitor.

What kind of people did the pioneers meet on the Oregon trail?

Congress, Wizards, and Dragons

What kind of fur do komodo dragons have?

They are reptiles and do not have fur or hair, they have rough skin.