What kind of drama ridicules or exposes the faults of individuals or groups through humor and even mean jokes?

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Satire.. example Samuel Clemons a.k.a. Mark Twain

Do men always mean exactly what they say even when they sound like they're joking?

Answer . \nDo women? With some people they act coy and love to appear complex. I really like people that are direct and say what is on their mind, but certainly don't mind a joke played on me or a quip from someone (called teasing.) Nope, men are as bad as women sometimes and they don't always ( Full Answer )

How do individuals and social groups define themselves in and through language?

Individuals and social groups define themselves in and throughlanguage in quite similar ways. Both will refer to a base-language(for example, English) as a means of defining who they are incontrast with social groups that speak other languages. Where thebase-language is the same, however, dialectica ( Full Answer )

Where do you draw the line between sense of humor and ridicule?

Answer . Answer Everyone likes a good laugh it's good for the heart, but when it becomes too much, don't be shy, stand up and tell the offender that's it, you've had enough and want to hear no more. If that person doesn't get the message either throw him or her out, or you leave. Watch them lau ( Full Answer )

Group exercise to promote humor?

In that there is humor, and being that there are in fact groups. there comes now a certain desire among the people to promote said humor in said groups. The party of the first part, being exercised by the party of the second part, would appreciate certain instructions, how-to helps, or other advices ( Full Answer )

What do you do when your spouse thinks you are ridiculing him but you dont mean to?

Find out what you are doing that is causing him to believe you are ridiculing him. It could be that he is insecure in this area and he needs to know that you are not meaning to hurt his feelings or put him down in anyway. It's good that he has made you of aware of this, otherwise, you wouldn't have ( Full Answer )

What does ridicule mean?

Ridicule means statements or expressions of mockery, extremedisagreement, or rejection. Anything that is deserving of ridiculeis by definition ridiculous. did that help

What is the meaning of ridiculous?

From the Latin ridiculus (laughable) ridiculous means worthy of derision or dismissal. Synonyms include absurd, ludicrous, inane, preposterous, or silly.

How can you be humorous and tell jokes?

It's ALL voice inflection and timing. Practice in front of friends you trust completely. Ask for their honest feedback on what you could do better. Don't get upset when they give it to you. Build on it.

What kinds of humor do girls teen age like I have a sarcastic somewhat makes you think type of humor and I never laugh at my own joke is that a good humor and do girls 12 to 14 like it?

Where would you get the idea that all girls like the same thing? They are as different as boys. Some would like your humor and some wouldn't. Most won't like it if it's mean sarcasm, though. Dude, if u dun like it, do u think others would? If u think its a lame joke do u think others would like i ( Full Answer )

What does joking mean?

Joking means to tell jokes, kid around with someone, or say things that make others laugh.

What does humor you means?

To humor you means to go along with you. You might hear this said when someone is disagreeing, and the person wants them just to hear them out or to try things their way for a bit - they will say "Just humor me."

What does exposed mean?

to leave something uncovered i think The term "exposed" is defined as having no protection or shield, and even a body part not being covered with clothing. For example, if someone's shirt ripped, he/she might say, "I'm exposed" meaning that a part of skin is showing and not covered with clothing.

What does sadistic humor mean?

Sadistic humour means jokes that are formed for amusement by, or taking pleasure in, the suffering of others.

What is the most humorous Halloween joke in the world?

i guess this is kinda halloweenish!..... its about bones that funni dude who goes... "Knock, Knock" "Who's There" "ME, I KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how funni was that! i know ! have u herd of the bones dude who goes... SILENCE, I KILL YOU! that's where i got it from! HAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAA ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of a 'dry sense of humor'?

Dry humor, sometimes known as "deadpan" humor is a style of humor/fun where the humor is not immediately obvious at first and is usually used by someone who appears to be serious at the same time. Occasionally the humor is apparent only when the conversation gets so ridiculous that others are fo ( Full Answer )

What is a humorous drama?

Midsummer Nights Dream, Taming of the Shrew, The Importance of Being Earnest, Lady Windemere's Fan. Nothing by Chekov.

What is the meaning of humor?

joking and playing pulling tricks and laughing. Humour refers to fluids in the body such as blood or the fluid within your eye.

Meaning of humor appeal?


What does it mean ridiculously hot is it bad?

Ridiculously hot means that it really hot. Another saying is "it's ungodly hot." These statements are typically used to describe the weather. It's not necessarily a "bad" thing. It's just a statement about the temperature. It's ridiculously hot out today and I'm sweating like a pig.

Does the bible contain a joke or any intentional use of humor?

Throughout the book of John. the writer (John) refers to himself as "the disciple Jesus loved." Also, sometimes when speaking about interactions with other disciples, he calls himself "the other disciple." He doesn't get in the habit of naming himself. In John 20:4, we see the following verse: "Bot ( Full Answer )

Does absurd mean ridiculous?

In common usage, they are close enough to be synonymous (i.e. meaning the same thing).

What does humor mean?

The quality of being amusing or comic, esp. as expressed in literature or speech . - his tales are full of humor . The ability to express humor or make other people laugh . - their inimitable brand of humor . A mood or state of mind . - her good humor vanished . - ( Full Answer )

What is a word meaning publicly ridiculed?

The word meaning held in public contempt or ridicule is "pilloried". It dates from the use of chaining to a pillory (wooden devices like stocks) for public abuse and/or injury. Other words could be "humiliated" or "disgraced".

What is through fault?

A through fault on a transformer is one that causes large flows of power through that transformer to a "downstream" faulted location.

What does differing humor mean?

differing humor is when someone tels a joke and the person who is listering finds it abusive or racist or something:)

How can a sense of humor get you through the toughest situtation?

The quote 'laughter is the best medicine' is true. Whether a person is sad; ill; or going through some sort of a rough time they can either fold up and hide from the world, but if they can talk to someone they trust and get to a point of what fate has in store for them and realize that fate pushes p ( Full Answer )

What does expose mean?

it means that it is har Expose means to subject someone or allow them to be subjected to anaction.

What is mean by joke?

A joke (noun) is a story that makes you laugh. Joking is talking in a manner that is not serious.

What does mature humor mean?

It means humor that is geared to more mature persons, usually adults or older teenagers.

What is the meant by humor in a drama?

What is probably meant by the question is 'what is comic effect'? Comic effect is possibly best illustrated in Shakespeare's play Macbeth where the scene with the Porter answering the knocking at the castle entrance is funny. (Well, folks in Shakespeare's day would have found it very funny). The r ( Full Answer )

What are different kinds of humor?

There is humor that is funny in a happy way: like someone cracking a joke, then there is dark humor: like someone slipping on a banana peel and falling down the stairs.

What is the meaning of sarcastic humor?

The question is, in itself, ironic as sarcasm by definition does not convey its actual meaning. It is used to mock the other person or convey contempt. It is often in the form of an exaggerated expression of the exact opposite of its true meaning.

What kind of faults do you have?

There are three kinds of faults. First there is the Strike-Slip fault. Second there is the Normal Fault and third of all there is the Reverse Fault.