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What kind of eating disorder is it when you starve yourself?

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anorexia nervosa

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Is Taylor Swift anorexic?

In 2015, she said she had an eating disorder where she would starve herself, so I think yes

What kind of disorder is anorexia nervosa?

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder in which a person will starve themselves for a long period of time usually taking in 500 or less calories a day. (500 calories is a lot to someone with anorexia, like 3,000 to someone without an eating disorder).

What kind of illness is anorexia?

Anorexia is an eating disorder.

What kind of eating disorder did Elton John have?


What is the causes for eating disorder?

it depends on what kind of eating disorder. sometimes depression or maybe other people telling you you're fat

Did Connie Talbot starve herself?

No Connie hasn't starved herself or had any kind of eating disorder. I assume you are referring to her small stature. Connie is probably on the lower end of average height for her age but is in no way emaciated or unhealthy.

What kind of eating disorder do you have if you cut up and don't eat your food?

Anorexia, we did this in school.

What kind of food that you need to prepare to patient that have a DHN disorder?

starve them for three then give them your urine to drink and 100 meal worms. by Joe King

Is Mischa Barton anorexic?

For a long time it was rumored that she had an eating disorder of some kind, but it was never confirmed.

What kind of eating disorder do you have if you skip meals on purpose exercise constaly and alwas watching your weight?


My friends and family think I have an eating disorder how do I convince them I'm ok?

It depends... Why do they think you have an eating disorder? Have you been loosing wheight lately? If you lost wheight and are under your ideal wheight, there is something wrong with your diet or with your organism and you should seek medical help. If you just lost a little wheight and think your family is being paranoid about it, talk openly to them, show articles explaining what is an eating disorder... I am sure they would understand. Just be sincere to yourself and opened to recognize if you have any kind of problem... Eating disorders can be deadly if not treated!

Of 100 people how many develop eating disorders?

0.5 The common statistic is that 1 in every 200 will develop on eating disorder of some kind. (Anorexia, Bulimia, EDNOS, Binge-Eating, Compulsive Eating, Over-Eating, ect.)

What percentage of models have anorexia?

While it is difficult to calculate the exact percentage of models with anorexia (mostly because many deny having an eating disorder), medical studies do show that about 40% of models in the industry suffer from an eating disorder of some kind, such as anorexia and bulimia.

What kind of disorder is OCD?

It is a mental disorder.

Is it possible to have an eating disorder even if you aren't starving yourself or making yourself throw up?

Yeah, there's this less-exposed disorder called BED which stands for Binge Eating Sisorder. It's kind of like a blend of anorexia and bulimia because it involves phases of disinterest in food (similar to anorexia) battled by phases of extreme hunger/craving (that's where the 'binging' comes in) and feelings of extreme guilt for feeling out of control concerning your appetite (somewhat like the guilt felt by bulimics).

You were in a fight with two of your girlfriends and you called one of them a tall fatso and the other a short fatso will they get eating disorders from this comment?

well yes its possible to establish a eating disorder from that kind of comment

What kind of eating disorder is more likely to affect men than women?

Muscle dysmorphia. But men do get other eating disorders as well, it's just that the amount of women is more.

Im jogging every day and im eating 200 calories?

That sounds like you have an eating disorder and could lead to passing out. Your body needs calories to sustain that kind of strenuous activity.

What kind of mental disorder is alcoholism?

An addiction disorder

What kind of disorder has no physical symptoms?

Functional Disorder

How many calories in a large black olive?

who cares how many calories in something that small. If you're asking this kind of question you should probably starve yourself thin.

What kind of eating disorder did Brittany Murphy have?

I am not aware that she had any eating disorders at all? So far I think it has just been media speculation based on her public appearance, see the related link.

What are the causes of binge eating?

The symptoms of binge eating are often first bought about in adolescence and often after starting a diet of some kind or being teased by peers about size or appearance. Binge eating is a compulsive disorder and should be treated by trained psychologists.

Is it dangerous to starve yourself for fourtine days?

YES! What kind of question is that? That's like asking "If I shoot my arm with a gun will I bleed a lot?" P.S NICE SPELLING YOU SCALLYWAG

What kind of disorder is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a biological psychotic disorder.