What kind of education do teachers need?


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teacher need four year college degree and they need training so that they can teach the student

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General education, education in subject matter they are going to teach, and education in how to teach.

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To work on a cruise liner, you would have to need certain education depending on what you'd want to do on the boat. For example, teachers need a teaching degree while waitress need a customer service education.

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Head Start lead teachers in Indiana need to have a bachelors degree in early childhood education, but a degree in a related field like elementary education might be accepted. Teachers who are not lead teachers may not be required to have a bachelors degree.

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She went to the Alabama State Teachers Colloge for Negroes.

For the most part special education teachers earn about the same as a regular teacher. You can actually be an assistant special education teacher without a degree but if you want to be a teacher you need a bachelors in special education.

university degree in teaching (for secondary education) or Pädak= college for primary school teachers (for primary education)

Usually teachers need a college education, and colleges generally require either a high school diploma or GED.

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There will always be a need for teachers but there is a greater need for math, science, and bilingual education.

Physical education teachers may less money in hourly pay than academic teachers. Physical education teachers make about 13 dollars an hour.

A teacher can have any kind of relationship they want with their coworkers. As long as the relationship they have doesn't affect there work or them as teachers.

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