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4 years of college in high school science is needed

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You need at least a Bachelor's degree from a CAATE accredited Athletic Training Education Program.

In the United States, athletic trainers need at least a bachelors degree to become an athletic trainer. You must also have a certification by the Independent Board of Certification.

To be a dog trainer you need a degree (i don't know which kind) in biology or zoology.

A certified fitness trainer does not require a college education. However, the more education and experience you have, the better off you'll be when you go looking for a position. There are fitness training centers that offer classes that would be invaluable in your training.

What kind of education do you need to become a cartographers need?

An Athletic trainer needs to be a people person. He/she needs to be able to feel around and be able to tell what is wrong with an athlete's need to be able to stoop kneel crouch stand for a long period of time walk run jog jump and s\he will need to be fit

what kind of training and education do yu need for a paleontologist?

Why are you asking this and I know it but not going to tell u just kidding i do not know

What kind of education do you need to become a car designer?

You need a lot of mustard and hotdogs and Jessica aitken that lives in little ferry new jersey

In order to become a fitness trainer, you must take courses on both nutrition as well as weight management. You can find a list of courses, along with helpful information here:

what education do you need to be a set desinger

None, go to a gym and learn from a trainer

what kind of gcse do you need to become a piercer

what kkind of education does a nurse need

Becoming a personal Trainer and getting the education for it will depend on what type of personal trainer you want to be,, i would first check with your locat gym and see if they can give you any guidance.

That really depends on what kind of animal trainer you want to be, I've met horse trainers that as far as I know only have all the time they've spent on horseback as education. I've never heard of any type of education or cretification needed to train animals (I can imangine that somewhere in the world thinks it's called for) to be an animal trainer what you need is the skill of training an animal.

you need to graduate from collage

A personal trainer normally goes to school to get a degree in physical education. You can start by working in a gym to get the experience working with people.

A marine biology degree specializing in dolphins at first guess.

you needed 4 years of animal college and must be good with animals

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